Aleksi Knuutila

Aleksi Knuutila

Email: a.knuutila.11@ucl.ac.uk

Year of start: 2011

Research Topic/ Provisional Dissertation Title:

Subjects of the worldly kingdom: Intimacy, agency and social change among evangelical community development activists in Austin, Texas


Daniel Miller
Charles Stewart


My doctoral work explores local conceptions of the social order and people’s agency within it through fieldwork conducted with community development activists associated with a Baptist church in Austin, Texas. Their efforts to relocate to a deprived neighbourhood and to develop interpersonal relationships that span social boundaries are understood to be not only an expression of values but generative of a social imaginary. My thesis hopes to contribute to anthropological thinking on the nature of political and ethical agency by an analysis of the role that interaction and intimacy play in participation in social movements. 

Research interests

  • Conceptions of social and economic reality
  • Anthropological study of social change and political participation
  • Theories of materiality and immateriality
  • Intimacy and interpersonal mutuality
  • Anthropology of ethics and normative practice

Academic Background/Education

Bachelor of Social Science in Sociology at University of Helsinki, 2006
Master of Science in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy at Oxford University, 2008


Nuoren tutkijan apuraha from Kone Foundation, 2012

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