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Research Students - Material Culture  

Year of start: 2011
Subject: Material Culture

Research Topic/ Provisional Dissertation Title

The notion of experience in second hand consumption activities in Margate, UK.

Daniel Miller and Martin Holbraad


My doctoral research intends to explore the possible connection between: second hand consumption experiences and an individuation process based on an empiricist philosophy towards the world. My argument is that, apparently adopting an empiricist approach towards life, my English informants concentrate in the potential discovery that a second hand consumption experience may enable and this contributes to their process of individuation. In this sense, I am interested in how the notion of experience is understood in those processes, the impact of it on the construction of the subject and how this can contributes to the understanding of the ‘modern individual’.

Research interests

  • Consumption
  • Magic
  • Urban Societies
  • Modernity

Academic Background/Education

Master in Communication Studies – PUC-Rio, Brazil
Bachelor in Communication Studies – PUC-Rio, Brazil

Honours and Awards

High performance master scholarship award by CAPES, Brazil

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