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Edward (Jed) Stevenson


Tel: +44 (0)20 7679 4809


Room: 240


Teaching Fellow
Post Doctoral Fellow (2012-2014)

PhD in Anthropology (2011), Emory University, USA
MPH in Global Health (2011), Emory University, USA
BA in Archaeology, Classics, and Classical Art (2000), UCL, UK


I studied Archaeology, Classics, and Classical Art at University College London as an undergraduate. After working on archaeological sites in the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, I turned my attention to issues of health and disease in Africa, gaining an MPH in Global Health and PhD in Anthropology from Emory University in Atlanta. I have held postdoctoral research positions in Global Health at Emory and Evolutionary Anthropology at UCL, and began teaching Medical Anthropology at Durham.

My research interests centre on health and human development. I am particularly interested in the health implications of mass schooling; resettlement and forced migration; and food and water insecurity. Other strands of my work concern childhood learning in hunter-gatherer, farming, and industrial societies.

My primary field site is Ethiopia, where since 2007 I have conducted a longitudinal study of child development. My work in Ethiopia has involved collaboration with Emory University's Center for Global Safe Water and the Maternal and Neonatal Health in Ethiopia Partnership. In 2013, I carried out research in Congo Brazzaville (as part of the UCL Hunter Gatherer Resilience project), focusing on the politics of the bushmeat trade.

Research interests:

  • Child Development
  • Global Health
  • Livelihoods and ecological change
  • Food and water inequalities
  • Schooling and Literacy


Books: sections

  • Hadley, C., Stevenson, E.G.J., Tadesse, Y., and Belachew, T. (in press) Rapidly rising food prices and the experience of food insecurity in urban Ethiopia: Impacts on health and well-being. In S. Closser & P. Brown, eds. Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology (Third edition). Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press.
  • Stevenson, E.G.J & Worthman, C.M. (2013). Anthropological perspectives on child well-being In A.Ben-Arieh, F.Casas, I. Frones, and J. Korbin, eds. Handbook of child well-being. In Heidelberg: Springer. 485-512.

Journal papers: academic

  • Stevenson, E.G.J. & Hadley, C. (2014). Comment on A.Wutich and A. Brewis, 'Food, water, and scarcity: Toward a broader anthropology of resource insecurity'. Current Anthropology 55 (4): 459-460.
  • Stevenson, E.G.J. (2014). Dealing with unforeseen consequences: Methods and ethics in an Ethiopian primary school. Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group Newsletter 6 (1): 6-7.
  • Stevenson, E.G.J (2014). Maternal education; an Ethiopia. Sociology of Education: An A - Z guide
  • Hadley, C., Stevenson, E.G.J, Tadesse, Y & Belachew, T (2012). Rapidly rising food prices and the experience of food insecurity in urban Ethiopia: impacts on health and well-being. Social Science & Medicine 75(12): 2412.
  • Stevenson, E.G.J & Mekonnen, J. (2012). Two rivers: water and power in Ethiopia. In E Mendenhall and A Koon eds Global health narratives: Environmental health.
  • Stevenson, E.G.J, Greene, L., Maes, K.m., Ambelu, A., Tesfaye, Y.A., Rheingans, R. & Hadley, C. (2012). Water insecurity in 3 dimensions: water and women's psychosocial distress in Ethiopia. Social Science & Medicine 75(2): 392.

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