Medical Anthropology Seminar Series

Thursdays 4.30-6pm
Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 2nd floor, 14 Taviton Street

Spring 2017 

19 January Yusuf Sheik Omar (University of Melbourne)
“Sane or Insane?”: How do Muslim men from the Horn of Africa understand emotional wellbeing and get access to culturally appropriate care in Melbourne, Australia?

26 January Rebecca Lynch (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
New magic: Risk, modernity and the Devil in a Trinidadian village

2 February Dalia Iskander (UCL)
Malaria as unconscious strategy. Why policy-makers, professionals and patients “do” malaria differently.

9 February Arseli Dokumaci Vincent (University of Copenhagen)
Vital affordances, occupying niches: Disability and Everyday Practices

16 February Reading Week – no seminar

23 February Jed Stevenson (UCL)
"Do our bodies know their ways?" Villagization, food insecurity, and ill-being in Ethiopia's Lower Omo Valley

2 March Bryony Jones (Royal Veterinary College)
Sheep and goat production and health in the Afar Region of Ethiopia

9 March Sloan Mahone (Oxford)
Revisiting the psychology of Mau Mau: A photographer's study of trauma in late colonial Kenya


23 March James Fairhead (University of Sussex)
Understanding social resistance to Ebola response in the Forest Region of the Republic of Guinea: An anthropological perspective

For further information please contact a.parkhurst@ucl.ac.uk or e.stevenson@ucl.ac.uk

Autumn 2016

6 October - Roland Littlewood (UCL)
Conversion, wellbeing, but no metaphysics: The Dalit move toward Christianity

13 October - Joseph Calabrese (UCL)
Culturally-embedded therapeutic emplotment: The blessing and curse of the therapeutic process at the heart of cultural meaning

20 October - Erminia Colucci (Queen Mary University of London)
Breaking the chains’: A visual anthropology project on practices of restraints and confinement of people with mental illness in Indonesia

27 October - Elisabeth Hsu (University of Oxford)
History in the body: A critical reading of two related sets of Chinese martial arts techniques

3 November - Sajida Ally (University of Sussex)
“Wellness (Suham)”: A framework for understanding transnational Sri Lankan Muslim women's health and wellbeing

7-11 November - Reading Week - No Seminar

17 November - Quinton Deeley (Kings College London)
Neuroanthropology: Exploring relations between mind, brain, and culture

24 November - Gloria Duravila (UCL/Surrey and Borders Mental Health Trust)
The attribution of religious meaning to suffering in Spanish nuns, monks, priests and lay theological students: The Dark Night of the Soul as an antidote to the medicalisation of normal deep sadness

1 December - Michael Weiss (University of Vienna)
Performing non-dualistic understanding: Convergences towards Japanese Butō dance

8 December - Alfredo Ancora (Department of Mental Health, Rome, Italy)
De Martino and ‘tarantism’ in Southern Italy

Enquiries to Joe Calabrese j.calabrese@ucl.ac.uk or Roland Littlewood r.littlewood@ucl.ac.uk