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Medical Anthropology Seminar Series

Thursdays 4-6 pm
Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 2nd floor, 14 Taviton St.  

Spring 2014

16 January: David Napier (UCL)
Betrayal and its Modern Consequences

23 January: Joseph Calabrese (UCL)
Kinship, Personhood and Life Course in the Native American Church

30 January: Tyler Phan (UCL)
Sowa Rigpa ( ba rig pa) in Transition: A Survey in Contemporary Medical Epistemologies of Tibetan Medicine

Cancelled due to strikes - 6 February: Maryon McDonald (Cambridge)
On the merits and difficulties of detachment

13 February: Jonah Rimer (Oxford)
Anthropological Insights into Internet Sexual Offending

20 February: Reading Week (no seminar)

27 February: Melissa Parker (LSHTM)
The politics and anti-politics of neglected tropical diseases

6 March: Seonsam Na (Oxford)
An Ethnography of a ‘Revolution’ in the Korean Medicine Community

13 March: Simon Cohn (LSHTM)
Making Up Bodies and Populations: Research within the UK Blood Service

20 March: Samuel Leze (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon)
An anthropology of psychoanalysts in France.


Anthropological Perspectives on Clinical Authority

Friday 21st March 4-7pm in Roberts 106 (building location)


  • Maryon McDonald (Cambridge)On the merits and difficulties of detachment
  • Samuel Leze (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon)Clinical authority today: a multi-sited ethnography of mental health institutions in France

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Autumn 2013

10 October: Roland Littlewood and Ellie Reynolds (UCL)
Embodiment of an Empty Signifier

17 October: James Davies (Roehampton University)
The DSM: A Great Work of Fiction

24 October: Melissa Parker (Brunel University)
The Politics and Anti-Politics of Controlling Neglected Tropical Diseases
Cancelled - replaced by Joe Calabrese's short talk “Culturally-Embedded Therapeutic Emplotment and the Psychoactive Nature of Cultural Ontologies”.

31 October: Sophie Day (Goldsmiths College)
When Waiting is a Form of Caring: Reflections on the NHS


14 November: Maryon McDonald (Cambridge University)
On the merits and difficulties of detachment

21 November: Michael Poltorak (University of Kent)
From 'Evil Spirits' to 'Brain Diseases': Shifting Agency, Humour and a Tongan Public Psychiatry

28 November: Del Loewenthal (Roehampton University)
Post-Existentialism: Towards a Therapy without Boundaries

5 December: Peter Steggals (Hull University)
Making Sense of Self-harm: Negotiating Ambivalence in the Performance of the Transgressive Body

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