Human Ecology Research Group (HERG)

Tuesdays 2-4pm
Birkbeck Malet Street B29

Autumn 2015

6th October: Introductory meeting Prof Sian Sullivan (Bath SPA University)
Witchcraft, wilderness and rhinos: on frictions in market-based improvement through community-conservation in west Namibia

13th October: Graduates from the AED Masters programme, 2014-5 cohort

20th October: Prof Katherine Homewood (UCL)
How to write a grant application

27th October: Sahil Nijhawan
Tigers, our brothers - Relationship between local culture and conservation of a dangerous and globally endangered species
Daniel Kricheff

Foraging and 'forest people' in the forests of Southern Thailand

3rd November Prof Sara Randall (UCL)
Changing invisibilities of mobile pastoralists in censuses and surveys

10th November: READING WEEK

17th November: Dr Christine Noe (University of Dar es Salaa)
Navigating the change: public responses to land ownership and rights reallocation

24th November: Paul Barnes
Finding echidnas and finding place in Dafonsoro and the Cyclops Mountains Strict Nature Reserve.

Agnese Marino

Conflicts over large carnivore management in the Mediterranean Region

1st December: Emmanuel Valentin (Bolzano University)
Heritage' and sustainability: The project 'Memoria Ladina' in the Dolomites (Italy)
Sarah Brooke
, The costs and benefits of an ICDP in Mongolia

7th December: Dr Mari Miyamoto, (SOAS)

Term 2 speakers will include:

Rafael Chiaravalloti, Bryony Ann Jones, Joanna Hill, Gill Conquest, Dr Seamus Murphy (IDS), Dr Nicole Gross-Camp and Dr Paride Bollettin (Para, Brazil)

Enquiries to Seminar Convenors: Marc Brightman m.brightman@ucl.ac.uk, Katherine Homewood k.homewood@ucl.ac.uk