Human Ecology Research Group (HERG)

Tuesdays 2-4pm

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Spring 2017 

10th January: Hernando Echeverri Sanchez
The Medicinal Forest as a source for identity, ethnic revival and conservation
IOE - Bedford Way (20) – 901

17th January: Manasi Karthik (SOAS Anthropology)
Blurred Boundaries: Identity and Rights In The Forested Landscapes Of Gudalur, Tamil Nadu
IOE - Bedford Way (20) - 421 - Nunn Hall

24th January: Dr Maxmillan Martin (UCL)
Moving from the margins: Climate, environmental hazards and migration in Bangladesh
IOE - Bedford Way (20) - 421 - Nunn Hall

31st January: Sarah Brooke
Jack of all trades, Masters of None: The Challenges of linking Conservation and Development
Wolfson House Haldane LT

7th February: Kristen Steele
Eel fisheries from local to global: drivers of exploitation and prospects for sustainability
Daryll Forde Seminar Room

14th February: READING WEEK 1            

21st February: Dr Lewis Daly (UCL)
"The Computer is the White Man's Shaman": The interaction of ecotourism and local ecological knowledge in Amazonian Guyana
Daryll Forde Seminar Room

28th February: Paul Barnes
Indigenous Knowledge and conservation in SE Asia and Melanesia
Daryll Forde Seminar Room

7th March: Agnese Marino
Attitudes towards wolves and bears in the Cantabrian Mountains of Spain
Daryll Forde Seminar Room

14th March: Tom Fry, Lydia Gibson
Daryll Forde Seminar Room

21st March: READING WEEK 2


Thursdays 1630-1800

23rd February: Jed Stevenson (UCL) 
"Do our bodies know their ways?" Villagization, food insecurity, and ill-being in Ethiopia's Lower Omo Valley

2nd March: Bryony Jones (Royal Veterinary College)
Sheep and goat production and health in the Afar Region of Ethiopia

9th March Sloan Mahone (Oxford)
Revisiting the psychology of Mau Mau: A photographer's study of trauma in late colonial Kenya

16th March: NO SEMINAR

23rd March James Fairhead (University of Sussex)
Understanding social resistance to Ebola response in the Forest Region of the Republic of Guinea: An anthropological perspective

Autumn 2016

4th October: Introductory session, and Carolina Comandulli (UCL Anthropology)
The Ashaninka from Amônia River: working beyond their borders to secure a way of life

11th October: Sahil Nijhawan (UCL Anthropology)
"We don't eat who we are": Taboos, identity and wildlife conservation in the Idu Mishmis of Arunachal Pradesh, India

18th October: Graduates from the AED Masters programme, 2015-6 cohort:
Catherine Clarke, Bethany White, David Pertaub, Eric Boyd

25th October: Dr Liz Watson (Cambridge University, Geography Department) Remapping the Frontier: New territorialities and new pastoralisms in Kenya 

1st November: Katherine Homewood (UCL Anthropology)
How to write a grant application

8th November: READING WEEK

15th November: Gaby Gonzalez Cruz (UCL Anthropology)
Peasant communities and tropical forest conservation: building stories from South Mexico

22nd November: Dr Carlos Sautchuk (Visiting Fellow, UCL Anthropology)
Panema and sustainable management: counting fish to conserve nature in the Amazon.

29th November: Dr Rajindra Puri (University of Kent/ DICE)
Outsourcing the Sacred Cow: Disentangling local responses to social and ecological change in the
Male Mahadeshwara Hills, South India.

5th December: New MPhil/PhDs on their Masters’ dissertations:
Adam Runacres
(MRes UCL), Tom Fry (MSc SOAS), Lydia Gibson (MSc UCL)

12 December READING WEEK

Enquiries to Seminar Convenors: Katherine Homewood k.homewood@ucl.ac.uk