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Biological Anthropology Seminar Series

TUESDAYS 16:30 -18:00 (tea from 16:00)
DARYLL FORDE SEMINAR ROOM (Anthropology Building, 14 Taviton St, off Gordon Sq)
Informal get-together with the speakers after the talks

Spring 2014

Jan 14 Rebecca Sear (LSHTM, Department of Population health)
Cooperation and conflict within the family: do kin help or hinder reproductive success?

Jan 21 NO SEMINAR (please note change)

Jan 28 Mark Maslin (UCL, Department of Geography)
Human Evolution in the Garden of Eden

Feb 4 Ellie Pearce (Oxford University)
Shedding light on Neanderthal social networks

Feb 11 Anne Kandler (London City University, Department of Mathematics)
How to analyse cultural change

Feb 18 Reading Week (NO SEMINAR)

Feb 25 Jamie Tehrani (Durham University, Department of Anthropology)
Descent with imagination: how folktales evolve

March 4 Micheal de Barra (Stockholm University, LSHTM)
The cultural evolution of ineffective medicine

March 11 Barbara Fruth (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany)
The Evolution of Self-medication: Humans, bonobos, and the Congo's wild pharmacy

March 18 Kesson Magid (Durham University, Department of Anthropology)
Childhood ecology influences adult reproductive function in a migrant study of Bangladeshi men

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Autumn 2013

Oct 8 David van Bodegom (University of Leyden, Academy on Vitality and Ageing)
Ageing and life history variation in a rural Ghanaian population: an evolutionary approach

Oct 15 Susanne Shultz (University of Manchester, Faculty of Life Sciences)
Human cognitive and behavioural evolution: insights from the fossil record

Oct 22 Claudio Tennie (University of Birmingham, School of Psychology)
Chimpanzees’ social learning skills – implications for the evolution of cumulative culture

Oct 29 Cristina Moya (LSHTM, Department of Population Health)
Have humans evolved psychological adaptations for reasoning about ethnic groups? Evidence from the Peruvian Altiplano

Nov 5 READING WEEK - No seminar

Nov 12 Adam Powell (Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Palaeogenetics Group)
Inferring human demographic history using genetic and cultural data

Nov 19 Angela Meder (Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe, Germany)
A gorilla is a gorilla is a gorilla? Diversity, classification and what we should preserve

Nov 26 Emma Cohen (University of Oxford, Institute of Cognitive & Evolutionary Anthropology)
Similarity and synchrony in human cooperation; evidence from studies in Brazil

Dec 3 Georgina Mace (UCL, Center for Biodiversity & Environment Research)
How to value the conservation of nature: from (A)ccountancy to (Z)oology

Dec 10 Chris Knight & Jerome Lewis (UCL, Department of Anthropology)
The social origins of language: Vocal deception, laughter and the linguistic significance of reverse dominance

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