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Centre for Digital Anthropology


What is new and different about our engagement with digital technologies? Do digital technologies and practices alter or perpetuate existing social relationships, hierarchies and political structures? What does it mean to be off line in a digital age? What kinds of new subjectivities and publics do digital practices bring into being?

The Centre for Digital Anthropology aims to be the leading research hub which locates digital technologies in the rich context of human society and culture. Through teaching, research and a dynamic series of regular events, we encourage a global perspective on the development, structures, and practices of digital technologies. Our critical framework, embedded in social anthropology and material culture studies understands the digital as part of broader technological traditions, in relation to other social networks (such as kinship, ethnicity, gender), and in relation to other ways of coding and representing information. We are developing cutting edge methodologies for understanding the dynamism of digital practices and experiences. Framed by anthropological methods of long term, participatory fieldwork and the practice of writing ethnography, we are also developing digital tools for enhancing and engaging with social relationships around and within the digital. Our researchers work in Trinidad, Vanuatu, Switzerland, France, Rumania, The UK, China, India, Italy. We work with and through social networks, webcams, digital museum collections, massively multiplayer online role-playing games, with automated work systems, and with mobile phones. 

Watch Stefana Broadbent delievering the TED Talk "How the Internet enables intimacy"

Watch Gabriella Coleman delivering the "Anonymous and the Craftiness of Craft and the Trickiness of Trickery" talk at UCL

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