Economic and Political Transformations in Inner Asia

Start: Mar 25, 2013 10:00 AM
End: Mar 25, 2013 05:00 PM

The workshop will address processes of transformation in the Inner Asian cultural region, and explore themes such as shamanic economies, political histories, and routes and frontiers.

25th March 2013, 10am – 5pm
UCL Anthropology - Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 14 Taviton Street, London WC1H 0BW

Inner Asia Workshop Poster


10.00 – 10.20 Welcome and Introduction

Joseph Bristley & Rebecca Empson, UCL

Panel I: Religious Economies & Politics of Learning in Mongolia

Chair: Martin Holbraad, UCL

10.20 – 12.00

  • Joe Ellis, UCL
    The End of Whose World? Mayan Prophecy, Globalisation and Shamanism in Mongolia
  • Joseph Bristley, UCL
    Multiplicity and Transformation: The Power of Money to Absorb Spirits in Mongolia
  • Aude Michelet, LSE
    What is there to learn from ‘not being taught’? Learning pastoral and domestic skills in southern Mongolia
  • Liz Fox, UCL
    The “Rich Lambs” of the “Wolf Economy”: Self-presentation and Performativity among Mongolia’s Urban Elite.

Panel II: Political Transformations & Techniques of the Self

Chair: Rebecca Empson, UCL

12.00 – 12.50

  • Elvira Churyumova, University of Cambridge
    Political-Economic Situation in Kalmykia, Russia
  • Anthony Howarth, University of Cambridge
    Nomadism, Trade and Change among the Humli-Khyampa in far North-western Nepal

12.50 – 1.50 Lunch

1.50 – 2.40

  • Elisa Tamburo, SOAS
    Hui young generations’ engagement with new media: ethnic, religious and political identification
  • William Matthews, UCL
    Cultivating the self through the social in the Beijing Teahouse

2.40 – 3.10 Tea

Panel III: Borders & Routes in Inner Asia

Chair: Christopher Kaplonski, University of Cambridge

3.10 – 4.25

  • Sayana Namsaraeva, University of Cambridge
    “Dragon Head” turns North: China’s economic jump to Russia’s frontier (case of Manzhouli and Russian Zabaikal’sk)
  • Mari Valdur, SOAS
    Between homes: The Dukha peoples migration to the Reindeer Festival in Northern Mongolia
  • Ed Pulford, University of Cambridge
    Wind from an empty cave? Rumour and ideology in postsocialism

4.30 – 5.00 Reflections on Themes

End of Day