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21 June 2012


The academic year 2011/12 has been hugely positive for staff and students alike. The year started with four new lecturers joining us and it has ended with a further four new staff appointments who will join us at the start of the new academic year. Three of these new appointments are entirely new posts, a fact that is the best indication that our Department is thriving, able to provide a hugely vibrant atmosphere that assures excellence in teaching and learning. Newly appointed were also three members of the administrative team, enabling us to provide the very best service to our students and support to our staff.

The past academic year has seen a number of staff and student led innovations that all have become fixtures in the calendar for the next few years. The first year BSc students were taken to an away camp in February, accompanied by a number of staff. You can read in this volume all about this hugely enjoyable trip. The second year students founded the Anthropology Society and inaugurated the meetings with a debate between two members of staff. This event was in many ways the highlight of the year, its tone and content expressing the qualities of this department, whose warmth and intellectual energy make it a very good place to work and study. The third year BSc students organised a leaving Ball, introducing staff and students to the dance steps of Céilidh. Our PhD students have organised a large number of workshops during the months of May and June, showing off the excellent work done by our research and reading groups throughout the year. We are now entering a new phase in our departmental research activities with the formalisation of research platforms and the consolidation and dissemination of research work, while continuing to enable new reading groups to scope out new intellectual frontiers.

Perhaps the greatest credit to the excellent teaching and the huge energy invested by our staff in the care and attention to advancing student learning are this year’s BSc degree results which saw almost half of our students leaving the College with a First Class Degree, two of our students being put forward to the Dean’s list, and the remaining students being awarded good and very good upper second degree results. We are rejoicing in the success our students and are looking ahead to the new academic year with confidence and a desire to match or improve upon these results. I wish you all a very happy, restful, and productive Summer.

Professor Susanne Kuechler
Head of Department

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