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BFI Course Feedback

I honestly couldn't fault a single session (and I am normally not shy to say if I feel something could be improved). It was engaging and stimulating from start to finish, all the other students were a pleasure to meet (it was really good to have enough time over 3 days to get to know everyone) and everyone who delivered a session was well prepared, friendly, and helpful. There was no 'doubling up' on the material in the sessions and the group size was perfect.

AHRC Collaborative Training Scheme

This one-year pilot training scheme, provides AHRC funded PhD students in London, and commuting distance thereof, with innovative research & public engagement skills using film. It offers a unique arena for students to develop skills in research & communication through moving visual media and to build partnerships with major cultural institutions in Britain's capital.

The scheme will offer six training elements, any one or more of which may be taken by applicants. These include

  • 18 fully funded places on one of three professionally led entry-level film production courses
  • 20 fully funded places on a 3 day course in the use of archive based film in research and researching the film archives of the UK
  • 15 fully funded places for 7 days training on 'redux' original documentary production. Learn to be your own Adam Curtis!
  • 15 fully funded places on a five day general film editing course
  • Weekend introduction to documentary history and theory through cinematic screenings. 150 places (free).

Application for all these courses is by email. Please write to us 

  • with a short statement explaining your interest and goal in doing your chosen course 
  • declaring your AHRC funding status, and 
  • please arrange for your supervisor to send a letter of support. 
  • If you would like to apply for more than one course – as is intended and encouraged where appropriate - please indicate this at the outset.

For details of all courses and to reserve places please write – as described just above - to

For more information about this training scheme, follow the related links on the top right.

Please note, non AHRC-funded students are also eligible to apply for these courses. Please follow the links on the top right to find out costs and further information. 

The scheme is run in collaboration with a number of cultural partner organisations including:

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