Medical Anthropology Seminar Series

Thursdays 4.30-6pm
Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 2nd floor, 14 Taviton Street

Autumn 2016

6 October - Roland Littlewood (UCL)
Conversion, wellbeing, but no metaphysics: The Dalit move toward Christianity

13 October - Joseph Calabrese (UCL)
Culturally-embedded therapeutic emplotment: The blessing and curse of the therapeutic process at the heart of cultural meaning

20 October - Erminia Colucci (Queen Mary University of London)
Breaking the chains’: A visual anthropology project on practices of restraints and confinement of people with mental illness in Indonesia

27 October - Elisabeth Hsu (University of Oxford)
History in the body: A critical reading of two related sets of Chinese martial arts techniques

3 November - Sajida Ally (University of Sussex)
“Wellness (Suham)”: A framework for understanding transnational Sri Lankan Muslim women's health and wellbeing

7-11 November - Reading Week - No Seminar

17 November - Quinton Deeley (Kings College London)
Neuroanthropology: Exploring relations between mind, brain, and culture

24 November - Gloria Duravila (UCL/Surrey and Borders Mental Health Trust)
The attribution of religious meaning to suffering in Spanish nuns, monks, priests and lay theological students: The Dark Night of the Soul as an antidote to the medicalisation of normal deep sadness

1 December - Michael Weiss (University of Vienna)
Performing non-dualistic understanding: Convergences towards Japanese Butō dance

8 December - Alfredo Ancora (Department of Mental Health, Rome, Italy)
De Martino and ‘tarantism’ in Southern Italy

Enquiries to Joe Calabrese j.calabrese@ucl.ac.uk or Roland Littlewood r.littlewood@ucl.ac.uk