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Medical Anthropology Seminar Series

This term's Medical Anthropology Seminars at UCL will be run in conjunction with London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

Please note that there are two different venues for each seminar this term, the Darylll Forde Seminar Room in the Anthropology Department at 14 Taviton Street for seminars taking place at UCL and for those taking place at LSHTM the venue will be the Faculty Meeting Room (G9), 15-17 Tavistock Place WC1H 9SH (n.b. this is not the main Keppel street address). Please confirm the venue for each week below.

All seminars start at 4.30pm.

Spring 2015

15 January at UCL Paul Brodwin (University of Wisconsin)
Gesture of Care: An  Ethnography of Mental Health Reform

22 January at LSHTM Ben Belek (University of Cambridge)
Emotion talk and autism self-advocacy

29 January at LSHTM Paul Richards (Wagenigen University)
The end of Ebola? New evidence from rural Sierra Leone

5 February at UCL Susan Phillips (Pitzer College, California)
The Anatomy of Vengeance: Forensic Evidence, Storytelling, and Gang Collective Violence

12 February at LSHTM Hannah Kienzler (Kings College London)
Global Mental Health in War and Post War Contexts: Negotiating Mental Health System Reforms in Kosovo and Palestine


26 February at UCL Ciara Kierans (University of Liverpool)
Bodies in Motion: Ambivalent Technologies and the Politics of Organ Transplantation in Mexico

5 March at LSHTM Heidi Larsen (LSHTM)
The anthropology of Rumours: Why rumours matter to public health

12 March at LSHTM Tim Allen (LSE)
Life Beyond the Bubbles: Cognitive Dissonance and Humanitarian Impunity in Northern Uganda

19 March at UCL Christos Lynteris (University of Cambridge)
The Visible Invisible: Plague Photography and the Optical Unconscious

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Autumn 2014

9 October: Roland Littlewood (UCL)
The Advent of the Adversary: Oppositional Powers in Religio-Therapeutic Systems

16 October: Sahra Gibbon (UCL)
The 'Less than Many' Local Biologies of Brazilian Cancer Genetics

23 October: Carlo Caduff (Kings College)
The Right Prescription

30 October: Charles Stewart (UCL)
Colonizing the Greek Mind?  The Advent of Western Psychotherapeutics in Greece

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