Biological Anthropology Seminar Series

TUESDAYS 16:30 -18:00
DARYLL FORDE SEMINAR ROOM (Anthropology Building, 14 Taviton St, off Gordon Sq)
Informal get-together with the speakers after the talks

Spring 2016

Jan 12 Jaume Bertranpetit (Institute of Evolutionary Biology, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (On sabbatical in Cambridge))
Towards the understanding the genetic bases of complex adaptations in the human genome

Jan 19 Susana Carvalho (Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford)
Ten years of Chimpanzee Archaeology: Where do we stand?

Jan 26 Laura Buck (University of Cambridge / Natural History Museum)
Gastrophagy and its place in human evolution

Feb 2 Stuart Semple (Centre for Research in Evolutionary, Social and Interdisciplinary Anthropology, University of Roehampton)

Feb 9 Ann MacLarnon (Centre for Research in Evolutionary and Environmental Anthropology, University of Roehampton)
Assessing stress and adaptability in natural settings: the case of Gashaka baboons

Feb 16 Reading week **NO SEMINAR**

Feb 23 Tracy Kivell (School of Anthropology and Conservation, University of Kent)
Homo naledi, the evidence in hand

Cancelled Mar 1 Julia Lehmann (University of Roehampton)
To be or not to be social? The effects of social positions on primate health and survival

Mar 8 Neil Cummins (LSE)
Lineage, Culture, Genes, and Social Outcomes over seven generations in England

Mar 15 Antje Engelhardt (Liverpool John Moores University) 

Contact Anna Barros (a.barros@ucl.ac.uk) for any further information

Autumn 2015

Sept 29 NOTE 5pm start Ian Rickard (Durham University)
The developmental origins of health and disease: adaptation reconsidered

Oct 6 Helen Elizabeth Davis (University of Utah)
Evidence of diverging strategies within transitioning populations: education, wealth, and fertility differentials

Oct 13 Gillian Pepper (Newcastle University)
An evolutionary perspective on health inequalities

Oct 20 Mark Collard (Simon Fraser University)
Environmental risk, population size, and technological evolution in small-scale societies

Oct 27 Tatyana Humle (University of Kent)
Chimpanzees, people and the oil palm in West Africa: landscapes of change and adaptation

Nov 3 Paula Sheppard (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
How childhood household environments influence reproductive strategy

Nov 10 Reading week **NO SEMINAR**

Nov 17 Jason Hodgson (Imperial College London)
The role of local adaptation, migration, and mate choice in recent human evolution

Nov 24 María Martinón-Torres (UCL)
Atapuerca-Sima de los Huesos site: unveiling the origins of Neanderthals

2 Dec WEDNESDAY 11am (Departmental seminar) John P. Ziker (Boise State University)
Sharing meat and norms of sharing: pathways to cooperation among contemporary north Siberian hunter-gatherers.

8 Dec No seminar - Dissertation Meeting for HEB

Contact Caroline Uggla (caroline.uggla.09@ucl.ac.uk) for any further information