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Dr Robert CM Stephens BA MD FRCA FFICM 

Consultant in Anaesthesia, UCLH
Hon Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia, UCL


Education- lead for the year 4 MBBS, 6 SSM, 'Intro to Anaesthesia' course and on the MSc in Perioperative Medicine

Endotoxin & perioperative inflammation
Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
Maintaining Centre for Anaesthesia website
Clinical trials
Intestinal Failure


An introduction to anaesthesia.

Donohue C, Hobson B, Stephens RC.Br J Hosp Med (Lond). 2013 May;74(5):C71-5.

The effect of total hip/knee replacement surgery and prophylactic dabigatran on thrombin generation and coagulation parameters

Green L, Lawrie AS, Patel R, Stephens RC, Mackie IJ, Chitolie A, Haddad FS, Machin SJ (2012). Thrombosis Research Available online January 2012

Low molecular weight polyethylene glycol improves survival in experimental sepsis.
Gareth L Ackland, Ana Gutierrez Del Arroyo, Song T Yao PhD , Robert C Stephens, Alexander Dyson, Nigel J Klein, Mervyn Singer, Alexander V Gourine.
Crit Care Med. 2010 Feb;38(2):629-36

Decreased heart rate variability in patients with cirrhosis relates to the presence and degree of hepatic encephalopathy.
Mani AR, Montagnese S, Jackson CD, Jenkins CW, Head IM, Stephens RC, Moore KP, Morgan MY.
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2009 Feb;296(2):G330-8

Role of bacterial endotoxin in chronic heart failure: the gut of the matter.
Charalambous BM, Stephens RC, Feavers IM, Montgomery HE.
Shock. 2007 Jul;28(1):15-23

Endotoxin immunity and the development of the systemic inflammatory response syndrome in critically ill children.
Stephens RC, Fidler K, Wilson P, Barclay GR, Mythen MG, Dixon GL, Turner MW, Klein NJ, Peters MJ.
Intensive Care Med. 2006 Feb;32(2):286-94

Address Anaesthetics Department
Podium 3, Maple Link corridor
University College Hospital
235 Euston Road

UCL's new 

Certificate, Diploma and Masters in Perioperative Medicine
Research in Anaesthesia 2014  Download my talk!
Infomed 2014
Assessment for non Cardiac Surgery

Assessing Heart before non Cardiac Surgery Slides

European 2009 Guidelines

US AHA/ACC 2009 Updated Guidelines 

London B Blocker Meta-analysis 2013

VISION Study 2012

Foix & Sear B Blockers 2013

CARP 2004

Mythen Editorial

UCL Respiration in Health and Disease resources

My BSc/MSc Powerpoint Respiration and Anaesthesia no pictures!

My BSc/MSc Powerpoint Ventilation and Anaesthesia no pictures!

Podcast on Introduction to Anaesthesia by us!

Podcast on conduct of Anaesthesia by Dr Mark Lambert

Anaesthesia basics notes by me

Useful Mechanics of breathing Notes from  Dr Sally Osbourne

Applied Respiratory Physiology notes from James Mitchell 

Respiratory Physiology Summary by Dr Fred Roberts

Long Respiratory Physiology Chapter by unknown

Great Respiratory Physiology Notes by unknown

Slideshow on Mechanical Ventilation by Dr Shalini Garg

Respiratory measurement by Rob Stephens Ed Burdett and Dave Walker

Pulmonary circulation by Dr B Paudel

Overview of Respiratory Physiology by Drs Nadine Dobby and Sarah Chievely-Williams

Great YouTube presentations by Prof John West 

RCOA 2014 RCOA Perioperative Medicine 6 March 2014 talk
Do get in touch if you'd lie to chat more, about the UCL MSc or Fellowships
AVA 2013

Update on Fluids 2013 Article

AVA talk on Peri-operative Fluid Controversies

links and talks

Year 4 Anaesthesia revision Talk (no pictures)

Year 4 'Intro to Physiology and Pharmacology (no pictures)

Interview with Academy of Medical Sciences on career

PACU talk (thanks to Dave Walker)

AcidBase Talk 17 June 2010

Cardiac Debate 30 June 2010

EBPOM Lower Limb Block 8 July 2011

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