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MSc_PosterMasters Programme in Perioperative Medicine

A Certificate, Diploma and MSc in Perioperative medicine

  • For those seeking expertise in the science of perioperative care
  • Innovative , e-learning design work at your own pace in 2-5 years
  • Delivered by renowned National and International experts

Welcome Welcome to the Masters Programme in Perioperative Medicine  
September 2014

Starting with a UCL Certificate in Perioperative Medicine
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A guide to studying at UCL

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How our course works

In each module students study a different topic in their own time by looking at the on-line lecture, reading the written material and visiting other online resources as directed.

The successful completion of certificate, diploma and dissertation will lead to the award of MSc.

Each module will be examined by a short essay question (1200 words).

A portion of the marks will be awarded for student contribution to course blogs, case reviews and other interactive activity.


Outline Programme

Certificate in Perioperative Medicine

Module 1 - An Introduction to perioperative medicine - patients, the surgical epidemic, the Inflammatory insult, and the political/professional response

Module 2 - Models of risk assessment,  pre-operative care and understanding the language of perioperative study design

Module 3 - Perioperative fluid therapy, perioperative cardiovascular optimisation and nutritional aspects of care 

Module 4 - the science of perioperative quality improvement, leadership and safety including detailed analysis of NCEPOD and enhanced recovery programmes.


Outline Programme

Diploma in Perioperative Medicine

Successful completion of the Certificate in Perioperative Medicine and

Four further modules in development


Outline Programme

Masters in Perioperative Medicine

Successful completion of the Diploma in Perioperative Medicine and a dissertation.

The 10,000 word dissertation can take one of three forms: 

  1. Completion of a Systematic Review.
  2. Critical appraisal - reviewing an agreed topic in Perioperative Medicine
  3. A supervised study in preoperative medicine. 

Students will be advised on how to structure their work with the potential to publish their outputs.

Teaching Faculty

Dr Matt Dickinson, Guildford, UK

Dr Ramani Moonesinghe, London, UK

Professor Lee Fleisher, Philadelphia, USA

Dr Carol Peden, Bath, UK

Professor Mike Grocott, Southampton, UK

Dr Gareth Ackland, London, UK

Professor Monty Mythen, London, UK

Tim Miller  Durham, USA

Dr Andrew McLeod, London, UK

Dr John Carlisle, Torbay, UK

Dr Mike Swart, Torbay, UK

Professor Mervyn Singer, London, UK

Professor Hugh Montgomery, London, UK

Professor Paul Myles, Melbourne, Australia

Dr Joel Symmons, Melbourne, Australia

Local Organising Faculty Dr David Walker
Dr Gautam Kumar
Dr Robert CM Stephens
Dr Catalina Stendall
Dr Ravin Mistry
Dr Clarissa Carvalho
Dr Ramai Santhirapala
Dr Marta Campbell
Dr Mevan Gooneratne
Contact david.walker[at]