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Careers in Anaesthesia

This is a series of interviews with anaesthetists about their own career paths, what they enjoy about anaesthesia and what they find challenging. We hope it is a useful guide to students and doctors at various stages who are thinking of training to be an anaesthetist. We have great youtube videos of trainees and consultants thoughts on their carreers!. There is a great guide to the structure of training on our Central School of Anaesthesia website and more information from the Royal College of Anaesthetists careers page. Click on the names to download their interviews. Thank you to the intervewees and to Cameron Egan, Joy Chiang and Jenny Choi, visiting observers for doing all the work!

Dr Ellie Walker, ST1 in Anaesthesia: "...You get a lot of satisfaction from hearing the patients being happy with your work..."

Dr Richard Marks, Consultant in Anaesthesia "...“It seemed that all the interesting parts surrounding the surgery apart from actually doing the cutting was the anesthetist’s job.”

Dr Ronnie Marsh, ST2 in Anaesthesia: " I don’t think you fully understand what the job is or what it will be like for you unless you’re the one with the responsibilities at the end of the day dealing with the patients.”

Dr Steve Harris, Academic Registrar in Anaesthesia: Interview by National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia “I don’t think I would have been asked to go to Haiti if I didn’t have the specific skill set of an anesthetist.”

Dr Katrina Hope, CT1 in Anaesthesia: "I love Anaesthesia: I wouldn’t look back for a second."

Dr Mark Edwards, SpR + Research Fellow in Anaesthesia Interview by National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia