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Medical Students


Dear UCL Students, welcome to this part of the site. You're always welcome in theatres at any of the sites.  If you'd like to come outside of your conventional times just email us!
We provide Teaching for medical students in anaesthesia, resuscitation, critical care, pain and perioperative medicine.

UCLHRob Stephens  in MBBS SSC (year 6) and MBBS NC4 (year 4) modules

Royal Free HospitalJane Lowery

Whittington: Basil Almahdi


The leads above- if you're studying at UCL.

If you're a UCL med student and want to come to theatre- just email the folks above wherever you are- or- just come! 

If you would like to visit UCLH from outside UCL as clinical student/observer/elective please contact Dr Kiran Kaur on navkiran.kaur[at]

Thank you to final years Adam Julius and Artaza Gilani who started and ran the Practical teaching course for year 4's.  


MBBS year 4

Download your workbook: 2016 version 13

UCLH The Schedule at UCLH for coming to theatre

Royal Free The Schedule at RFH for coming to theatre

Download your curriculum summary/practical procedures

Before you come to theatre, you'll get much more out of it if you 

Here's the link to the SBA podcasts

Here's the syllabus summary


MBBS year 6


Advice from previous year 6 SSC students

Look at the advert for our SSC!

UCLHDownload your workbook - Dr Rob Stephens

Download the Schedule at UCLH  for coming to theatre

Download the Westmorland St Schedule

Download your year 6 SSC curriculum summary/practical procedures

RFH: Download your workbook coming soon!- Dr Jane Lowery

Here's our online Training in Perioperative Medicine (you have to register free and we've not fully completed it yet)

FY1 checklist pilot- By Drs Amour and Soram Patel


We've had over 49,000 hits to our 2 Youtube channels

We have 20 educational podcasts

We have short 30 SBA podcasts

Thanks to all contributors!


A guide to the programme by a previous student

Before you come it's great to have an idea about Anaesthesia. 

You'll get much more out of it if you.... 

Electives and Taster weeks

We can offer some electives and taster weeks, although depending on where you're working there may be a charge. 

Here are some of the options

Do look at the following before you come.

Podcast:An introduction to Anaesthesia

Podcast: Why Anaesthesia? Trainees' Views

Podcast: Why Anaesthesia? Consultants' Views

Article: Introduction to Anaesthesia

Do contact Dr Kiran Kaur (navkiran.kaur[at] who organises or Dr Rob Stephens

Funding The Centre for Anaesthesia often has free places for a limited number of UCLH, RFH and Whittington students to attend it's courses. The Association of Anaesthetists award some Prizes and Elective awards. There is a UCL prize in Anaesthesia and Clinical Pharmacology.
to download

Welcome all students! Please feel free to use these files. Do contact Dr Rob Stephens if you have any suggestions


How to do: Blood Transfusion

How to insert an Arterial Line

How to insert a Central Line

How to insert a Chest Drain

How to look after an Epidural on the Ward

How to insert an Emergency Airway

How to Manage Airway Obstruction


Basics of anaesthesia: handout

Introduction to Anaesthesia

Introduction to Postoperative Complications

Introduction to Preassessment

How to prescribe Perioperative Analgesia

Introduction to Pain Pathways and Mechanisms

How to prescribe Perioperative Analgesia for Children

How to prescribe Fluid Therapy

NICE ward- based fluid guidelines 2013

Basics of Intensive Care

How to use Inotropes and vasopressors

Introduction to Trauma Care

Introduction to Pain Pathways

How to Recognise Critical Illness

Oxygen delivery and consumption (more advanced)


The Airway

Basics of Fluids and Analgesia

Basics of Renal Failure

Course booklet to Introduction to Anaesthesia Course -

Please contact robcmstephens[at] to obtain the password to this FY-1 stage document.