UCL Americas Research Network

UCL Americas Research Network
Borders vs Bridges: Nationalism and Transnationalism in the Americas
3rd Annual Conference 11-12 May 2017
Call for papers extended to January 13 2017!

Composed of a diverse group of international researchers across numerous disciplines in the humanities, the social sciences and beyond, the UCL Americas Research Network was established in 2013 and exists to facilitate interaction between postgraduate students and early career researchers working on any aspect of the Americas, with the aim of creating a dynamic, interdisciplinary community that can enhance the level of scholarship on the region. 

Past events and activities of the Network have included writing workshops with Masters Students at the UCL Institute of the Americas, a seminar series, professional development workshops, and two international postgraduate conferences. For further information on our activities you can visit our events page.

The Network plans to expand its activities in the future, and welcomes all new and interested members to join us. Please visit us on Facebook and Twitter, and, for membership enquiries, contact us via email: ia.americasresnet@ucl.ac.uk

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