Professor Anthony McFarlane

Honorary Professorial Fellow

E-mail: A.McFarlane@warwick.ac.uk

Now an Honorary Professorial Fellow at UCL’s Institute of the Americas, Anthony McFarlane has long-standing connections to Latin American studies in London. After taking a B.Sc (Econ.) at the LSE, he studied for his Ph.D in Latin American history under the joint supervision of Professor John Lynch at UCL and Professor Jack Fisher of the LSE. He was then a research assistant and research fellow at the Institute of Latin American Studies, before moving to the University of Warwick where, until 2011, he was Professor of Latin American History in the History Department and School of Comparative American Studies. Recently, he was a member and Chair of the Advisory Council of the Institute for the Study of the Americas, and he is now a member of the Advisory Council of the Institute for the Americas at UCL. He is also a member of the Royal Historical Society, a corresponding member of the Academia Colombiana de Historia, y a member of the editorial committees of several academic journals in Europe and Latin America.

As an historian of Latin America, Professor McFarlane’s research has centred mainly on political culture, popular participation in politics, and slave resistance in Colombia and Ecuador under Spanish rule and during the first republics. He has also published on Britain’s ‘first empire’ in North America and the Caribbean, and written comparative essays on Euro-American empires. His most recent work has centred on the wars of independence in Spanish America. His current interests continue to focus on Spanish colonial rule, war and politics in Spanish America during the independence period, and the comparative history of European empires in the Americas.

His principal publications are:

Reform and Insurrection in Bourbon New Granada and Peru, (co-edited with John Fisher and Allen Kuethe, Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge and London, 1990).

El Reino Unido y América: La Epoca Colonial (Editorial Mapfre, Madrid 1992).

Colombia before Independence: Economy, Society and Politics under Bourbon Rule. (Cambridge University Press, 1993).

The British in the Americas, 1480-1815 (Longman, London and New York, 1994).

Colombia antes de la Independencia: Economía, Sociedad y Política bajo el Dominio Borbón (Banco de la República, Bogotá, 1997.)

Cuadernos de Historia Latinoamericana, No. 6: Violencia Social y Conflicto Civil: America Latina, siglos XVIII-XIX, (co-edited with Marianne Wiesebron, Cuadernos de Historia Latinoamericana, Leiden, 1998).

Independence and Revolution in Spanish America: Problems and Perspectives (co-edited with Eduardo Posada-Carbó, Institute of Latin American Studies, London, 1999).

War and Independence in Spanish America (Routledge, New York, 2013).

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