Professor Jonathan Bell

Professor of US History

Director of UCL Institute of the Americas


Jonathan Bell arrived at UCL in 2014 as Professor of US History and Director of the Institute of the Americas. Prior to coming to the Institute he was an Associate Professor in the Department of History at the University of Reading, including four years as Head of Department. He gained his BA degree from the University of Oxford and his PhD from the University of Cambridge, and spent a year as a research student at the University of Maryland.

He is a historian of US politics, with a particular emphasis on American liberalism since the New Deal and the ways in which liberal politics have adapted to social change during the twentieth century. He has published widely in US political history, including a book on how the Cold War transformed American political discourse and policy formation on domestic issues during the Truman Presidency, a collection of essays on American liberalism, and a book charting the changing political complexion of California since World War Two.

His current project, tentatively entitled Unhealthy Bodies: Health Care and the Rights Revolution since the Sixties, aims to unite the two phenomena of rights politics and health care delivery politics to help us understand how the sexual and gender dynamics of medical care in the US shed significant light on the political culture of the nation at a time of significant political change in the era of government and health care retrenchment that began in the seventies and grew considerably in the Reagan era. The project shows that both state and private conceptions of gender and sexuality impacted upon their ability to provide health care to a diverse population, and demonstrates how a private-public delivery system drastically impacted upon the ability of rights movements to translate basic legal rights into full-blown economic citizenship, a question of vital public importance today on both sides of the Atlantic.

Professor Bell is currently Chair of the Historians of the Twentieth-Century United States (HOTCUS), and is an AHRC Strategic Reviewer and member of its Peer Review College.

Professor Jonathan Bell
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Current teaching and research supervision

Professor Bell would like to hear from any student interested in pursuing graduate study in the areas of US political history, policy history (in particular the relationship between gender and sexuality and public policy), and the history of political ideology.

Publications, networks and links


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Journal articles and book chapters

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