Dr Kate Quinn

Lecturer in Caribbean History

Dr Kate Quinn

E-mail: katherine.quinn@ucl.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)20 3108 9712

Internal extension: 59712

Location: Office 307, 51 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PN


Kate Quinn is Lecturer in Caribbean History at the UCL Institute of the Americas. Previously, she headed the Caribbean programme at the Institute for the Study of the Americas, School of Advanced Study, which she joined as a Post-Doctoral Fellow and subsequently Lecturer in Modern History in 2005. She studied English and Spanish Literature at Oxford University as an undergraduate followed by an MA and PhD in Modern History at University College London. She has served on the Committee of the Society for Caribbean Studies since 2005 and was elected Vice Chair in 2010. 

Research Interests

Dr Quinn takes a regional and comparative approach to the Caribbean that bridges the Anglophone and the Hispanic parts of the region. Her PhD examined cultural policy and nationalism in Cuba and Guyana (c1959-c1989). Her current research focuses on the impact of Black Power in the Caribbean with particular reference to Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Cuba and the small states of the Eastern Caribbean. Thematic interests include political history of the post-independence Anglophone Caribbean, the Caribbean left, and interactions between intellectual and political movements across the region.

Dr Quinn welcomes applications from students undertaking research in any of the above areas. 


Dr Quinn is convenor of the MA in Caribbean and Latin American Studies. She teaches courses on The Caribbean from the Haitian Revolution to the Cuban Revolution and Politics, Society and Development in the Modern Caribbean and contributes to the Globalisation and Latin American Development core course.

She currently supervises doctoral students working on:

  • The role of organised labour in the Cuban Revolution, 1952-1960
  • Migration and return migration from St Kitts and Nevis


Dr Quinn is currently working on several publications related to her research on Black Power, including a monograph on The Politics of Black Power in the Anglophone Caribbean; an edited volume on Black Power in the Caribbean (forthcoming, University Press Florida, 2013) and articles on the impact of Trinidad 1970 in the wider Caribbean, Eric Williams and Black Power, and Black Power in Burnham’s Guyana. Recent publications include: 

Quinn and Paul Sutton (eds.), Politics and Power in Haiti, (Palgrave, forthcoming, 2013)

Quinn and Paul Sutton, ‘Haiti from Duvalier to Préval’ in Quinn and Sutton (eds), Politics and Power in Haiti (Palgrave, forthcoming 2013)

Quinn and Alissa Trotz (eds.), Women and National Political Struggles in the Caribbean, Special Issue of MaComère Journal of the Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars, Volume 12, No.2, Fall 2010 

Quinn and Trotz, ‘Women and National Political Struggles in the Caribbean’ in Women and National Political Struggles in the Caribbean, Special Issue of MaComère, Volume 12, No.2, Fall 2010, pp3-10

Quinn and David Howard, ‘Haiti: Reconstruction Poses Generational Problems’, Oxford Analytica, 28 June 2010

‘“I Will Let Down My Bucket Here”: Writers and the Conditions of Cultural Production in Post-Independence Trinidad’ in Schwarz (ed.) Caribbean Literature After Independence: The Case of Earl Lovelace, 2008, pp21-40

‘Cuban Historiography in the 1960s: Revisionists, Revolutionaries and the Nationalist Past’, Bulletin of Latin American Research, Vol.26, No.3, 2007, pp378-398


Westminster in the Caribbean: History, Legacies, Challenges

This network is funded by the AHRC (International Research Networks Grant). Please see here for a summary of the network’s aims and objectives. For information on participating in the network please contact katherine.quinn@ucl.ac.uk

Caribbean Postgraduate Network

More details available online here or email Steve Cushion.

Selected conference and seminar papers

‘When Your Neighbour’s House is on Fire: Reverberations of Trinidad 1970 in the Wider Caribbean’, St Andrew’s University, 11 May 2011, Warwick University 1 February 2011 and University of the West Indies, St Augustine, 19 September 2010

‘Inequality and Development in the Contemporary Caribbean: Reflections after the Earthquake’, Society for Latin American Studies Annual Conference, Bristol University, 9-10 April 2010

 ‘From Black Power to Doc Power? Eric Williams and Black Power in Trinidad and Tobago’, Caribbean Research Seminar in the North, Newcastle University, 22 May 2009

‘Ethnic Politics in Contemporary Guyana’, Society for Latin American Studies Annual Conference, University of Leeds, 27 March 2009

‘“Sitting on a Volcano”: Containing Black Power in Burnham’s Guyana’, Internationalising Black Power II Conference, Centre for Caribbean Thought, University of the West Indies, Mona, 22 February 2008

‘Culture Clash? US Black Power in Burnham’s Guyana’, Internationalising Black Power Conference, Institute for the Study of the Americas, 25 October 2007

‘Stokely Carmichael’s Caribbean Safari: Black Power in Cuba and Guyana’, Research Seminar on Latin America and the Caribbean, Institute for the Study of the Americas, 25 January 2006

‘Petitioning for power: ‘civil society’ and the state in Cuba, Guyana and Haiti’, Society for Caribbean Studies 29th Annual Conference, Newcastle, 29 June-1 July 2005

‘Compromisers and Critics: the Caribbean in the new global political economy’, Caribbean Seminar Series, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, March 2004

‘The ‘Rectification Period: Cuban culture and intellectuals in the age of perestroika’, Institute of Historical Research, November 2003

‘Cowboys, Cults and Communists: Immigration Schemes in Burnham’s Guyana’, Caribbean Societies in Regional Context Seminar Series, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, March 2003

Conference organisation

Fifty Years of Independence: Jamaica’s Development and Impact as a Sovereign State, co-convened with Dr Peter Clegg (UWE), ISA, 10 February 2012

Independence and After: Dr Eric Williams and the Making of Trinidad and Tobago, ISA, 27 September 2011

Responding to Climate Change in the Caribbean (organising committee), ISA, 13-14 June 2011

Researching the Caribbean: A Postgraduate Student Workshop, 13 May 2011

New Research on Migration, Politics and Policy between the Americas and Europe, co-convened with David Howard, (Oxford University), ISA, 25 February 2011

From Duvalier to Préval: Haiti Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow, co-convened with Professor Paul Sutton, ISA, 21-22 June 2010

Canada and the Cuban Revolution, co-convened with Prof Philip Davies (ICS), 19 June 2009

The World Food Crisis: Perspectives from the Global South, co-convened with Professor Maxine Molyneux and Dr Graham Woodgate, 27-28 February 2009

The Americas Plural: Regional and Comparative Perspectives, co-convened with Professor James Dunkerley and Dr Diego Sánchez Ancochea, ISA, 19-20 June 2008

Internationalising Black Power I and II, ISA 25-26 October 2007 and University of the West Indies, Mona, 21-22 February 2008, co-convened with Professor Brian Meeks, Centre for Caribbean Thought, UWI, Mona

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