Dr Graham Woodgate

Departmental Tutor

Principal Teaching Fellow - Environmental Sociology of the Americas


Before entering academia I trained as a forester with the UK Forestry Commission and have maintained a keen interest in trees, forests and forest-dependent people ever since. I gained a PhD in political ecology, from Wye College, undertaking field research among the Mazahua people of Central Mexico and, during the 1990s, coordinated a British Council Higher Education Link Programme between UK universities and Mexican farming systems research institutions. Whilst at Wye and later Imperial College I became involved with postgraduate distance learning programmes in sustainable rural development and continue to work in this area, most recently coordinating the writing of a sustainable forest management module for the Centre for Development, Environment and Policy at SOAS.

I am fascinated by all aspects of nature-society relations, which has led to my involvement in the production of a series of edited volumes in environmental sociology. More recently I have become involved in the emerging field of agroecology, a transdisciplinary intellectual endeavour that is particularly strongly rooted in the Americas and encompasses scientific research, agricultural practice and agrarian social movements. I am a member of the Editorial Board of Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems.

I joined the Institute of Latin American Studies as an Associate Fellow in 2002, and then took a part-time post at the Institute for the Study of the Americas in 2004, before moving to UCL in 2012 as a founder member of the Institute of the Americas. In addition to my academic work I undertake environmental consultancies and carry out forest management certification audits against FSC Forest Stewardship Principles and Criteria.


PhD Political Ecology, Wye College University of London, 1992 

BSc (Hons) Wye College, University of London, 1987 

OND Forestry, Cumbria College of Agriculture and Forestry, Newton Rigg, 1984

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Current teaching and research supervision

Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean and Globalisation and Latin American Development

Modules for Term 1 (Fall Term) 2015/16:

AMERG008A: Globalisation and Latin American Development

Modules for Term 2 (Spring Term) 2016:

AMERG012: Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Modules for Term 1 (Fall) 2015-16:

BASC2093: Environmental Sociology

I am currently supervising the following PhD students:

  • Sacnicté Bonilla Hernández - New Peasantries in 21st century Mexico: the defence and adaptation of rural life by campesino youth (primary supervisor)
  • Juan Smart - A comparative study of indigenous and rural communities’ responses to human rights abuses by extractive industries in Latin-America (subsidiary supervisor with Dr Par Engstrom)
  • Lupita Valdez - Effects of Higher Education on Gender Equality for Indigenous Women in Mexico (subsidiary supervisor with Prof Maxine Molyneux)

I welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and research teams wishing to work with me in any of the following or cognate areas:

  • Agroecology and food sovereignty in the Americas
  • Agrarian reforms in Latin America
  • Globalisation and natural resource use and conservation in the Americas (especially forest resources)
  • Climate change vulnerability, mitigation and adaptation in the Americas
  • Ecotourism in the Americas
  • Environmental social movements and direct action environmentalism
  • Political ecologies of the Americas

Publications, networks and links


Gliessman, Stephen R, Eduardo Sevilla Guzmán and Graham Woodgate (eds) (in preparation) The International Handbook of Agroecology. Edward Elgar: Cheltenham.

Redclift, Michael and Graham Woodgate (eds) (2010) The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology 2nd Edition. Edward Elgar: Cheltenham.  

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Redclift, Michael and Graham Woodgate (eds) (2002) Sociologia del medio ambiente: una perspectiva internacional, McGraw-Hill, Spain. Madrid. 

Redclift, Michael and Graham Woodgate (eds) (1997) The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology.  1st Edition. Edward Elgar: Cheltenham. Published as paperback in 2000 and re-printed, 2001

Redclift, Michael and Graham Woodgate (eds) (1995) The Sociology of the Environment: Volumes I, II and III.  Edward Elgar: Cheltenham.

Journal articles and book chapters

Sevilla Guzman, E. and G Woodgate (2015/forthcoming) ‘Transformative Agroecology: Foundations in agri-cultural practice, agrarian social thought and sociological theory’, in Mendez, Bacon, Cohen and Gliessman Agroecology: A Transdisciplinary, Participatory and Action-oriented Approach. CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL.

Woodgate GR (2015/forthcoming) ‘Agroecology as Post-Development Discourse and Practice’ in Micheal Redclift and Delyse Springett The Routledge International Handbook of Sustainable Development. Abingdon Oxford and New York: Routledge. 

Redclift, MR and GR Woodgate (September 2014) ‘The European Contribution to Environmental Sociology’ in Sokratis Koniordos and Alexandros Kyrtsis (eds) The Routledge Handbook of European Sociology. Abingdon, UK and New York: Routledge. 

Woodgate, GR (2013) ‘Sustainable Forest Management and Policy for the 21st century’ in Cambio climático: impactos y previsiones. Mexico, DF: Editorial Porrúa. 

Sevilla Guzman, E and GR Woodgate (2013): Agroecology: Foundations in Agrarian Social Thought and Sociological Theory, Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 37:1, 32-44.

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Woodgate, Graham, Bianca Ambrose-Oji, Ramón Fernandez Durán, Gloria Guzmán and Eduardo Sevilla Guzmán (2005), ‘Alternative Food and Agriculture Networks: An Agroecological Perspective on Responses to Economic Globalisation and the “New” Agrarian Question’ in Redclift and Woodgate (2005) New Developments in Environmental Sociology.  Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, pp.586-612

Ambrose-Oji, B, T. Allmark, P. Buckley, B. Clements and G Woodgate (2002) “The Environmental State and the Forest; of Lookouts, Lumberjacks, Leopards, and Losers”. In A.P.J. Mol and F.H. Buttel (eds) (2002), The Environmental State Under Pressure, (Research in Social Problems and Public Policy Volume 10), pp.149-169. Oxford: Elsevier.

Forero, O. and G.R. Woodgate (2002) “The semantics of "Human Security" in Northwest Amazonia: From indigenous peoples' "Management of the World" to the USA State Security Policy for Latin America” in E. Page and M.R. Redclift (eds) (2002) Human Security and the Environment: International Comparisons pp.351-385. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.

Gauthier, R.C.T. and G.R. Woodgate (2001) “Coevolutionary agroecology: a policy-oriented analysis of socioenvironmental dynamics, with special reference to forest margins in North Lampung, Indonesia” in S.R. Gliessman (Ed) Agroecosystem Sustainability: Developing Practical Strategies. CRC Press: Boca Raton, pp. 155-176.

Other publications

Woodgate, Graham (2011) ‘Climate Change, Forests and Rural Development in Highland Mexico’, blog article for Intercambio Climático.

Woodgate, Graham with Bianca Ambrose-Oji, Peter Buckley, Jon Macartney and Rachel Godfrey Wood (2011) Sustainable Forest Management. Multi-media MSC Distance Learning Module, London: Centre for Development, Environment and Policy, School of Oriental and African Studies 

Networks and extra-mural activities

Director Silvalogic Ltd:


Member of ‘Strategic Monitoring of South American Regional Transformations’ (SMART)

Member of International Professoriate, Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Programme, Mediterranean Institute of Agronomy, Bari, Italy

Member of International Professoriate Joint Agroecology Programme, Institute of Sociology and Peasant Studies, University of Cordoba, and International University of Andalucia

Soil Association ‘Woodmark’ Forest Stewardship Council ISO19001 accredited Sustainable Forest Management Lead Auditor

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