Dr Graham Woodgate appointed International Expert in Environmental Sociology for the Expo 2015 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life' in Milan

31 January 2013

Congratulations to UCL-IA's Dr Graham Woodgate who has been appointed 'International Expert in Environmental Sociology' to the 'Feeding Knowledge Programme' that is being developed in preparation for the Expo 2015 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life' in Milan.

Dr Woodgate will be providing expert advice on the preparation of Expo white papers and contributing to international webinars aimed at generating and sharing knowledge and best practice for ensuring food security in the run up to the Exposition.

Expo 2015 will be an extraordinary event attended by official delegations from at least 119 countries worldwide it aims to demonstrate tradition, creativity and innovation in the business of food. The common focus of the event is the idea that everyone on the planet should have access to food that is healthy, safe and sufficient.

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