Events on North America at The British Library - Eccles Centre for American Studies

17 January 2014

February sees four major public events hosted by the Eccles Centre for American Studies in the British Library Conference Centre. 

Newly added is a presentation on Monday 3rd February by Dr Michael Lomax, President of the United Negro College Fund – a rare opportunity to examine and discuss key aspects of the African American experience of higher education in the USA.

Space is also available at this year’s Sulgrave Manor Watson Chair Lecture, where Professor David Reynolds considers the role of World War I in shaping America’s role in the world over the past century.

And we hope you will also join us at two Eccles Centre events reflecting on the Georgian era from the American perspective, with Lisa Francavilla exploring the letters of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew O’Shaughnessy giving an alternative explanation of the American War of Independence. For the complete listing of events at the Eccles Centre, please visit their events web-page or contact them directly.