British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Juan Grigera to join UCL-IA

14 July 2014

UCL-IA is pleased to announce that Dr Juan Grigera has been awarded a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship of £250,000 to be held at UCL-IA, and will be joining us in October. 

Dr Grigera completed his PhD in the University of Buenos Aires in 2012 after being awarded a MSc from LSE in 2010. His research project is entitled  "Bringing the global market back in. Industrialising and exporting commodities: Argentina and Brazil (1950-2010)" and  proposes an in-depth comparative study of the long-term economic performance of Brazil and Argentina after 1950s. The breakdown of import substitution in the 1970s and the demise of Washington Consensus policies in the2000s show changing strategies of internal development and of integration into the world market and thus pose an interesting case for synchronic and diachronic comparison. The project will show that an insufficient understanding of the dynamics of the world market has overstated national state autonomy and will attempt to overcome these shortcomings by looking in the long run at the evolution of their policies and their corresponding market shares (of the countries as a whole and of specific sectors). In brief, this research concerns both the comparative assessment of the economic dynamics of two key countries of Latin America and the theoretical modes in which they have been approached.