Three new books published in the UCL-IA Palgrave Studies

21 September 2012

Three new books published in the UCL-IA Palgrave Studies of the Americas series edited by Professor Molyneux

mexico-struggle Mexico's Struggle for Public Security
Philip, George; Berruecos, Susana
The Mexican government's full-frontal attack on the powerful drugs cartels has achieved mixed results. This book considers the issue from a variety of viewpoints. The essential argument is that the organized crime is best combated by institutional reforms directed at strengthening the rule of law rather than by a heavy reliance on armed force.
taxation-society-argentina Taxation and Society in Twentieth-Century Argentina
Sánchez Román, José Antonio
This book provides a historical narrative of the Argentine tax system in the twentieth century. It argues that the failure to build permanent trust between the state and the civil society and the unraveling of confidence within Argentine society itself account for the collapse of the progressive tax system.
raul-castro-cuba Raúl Castro and Cuba
Klepak, Hal
This book tells the story of the military life of Raúl Castro, an impressive military commander and highly original thinker who is also the longest-serving minister of defense of any country in recent times

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