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Commonwealth Fund Colloquium Lecture: Gary Gerstle on 'The Liberal State in an Age of Consensus, 1945-1960'

Publication date: Mar 22, 2013 2:13:09 PM

Start: May 9, 2013 6:00:00 PM
End: May 9, 2013 7:30:00 PM

Location: UCL-Institute of the Americas, 51 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0PQ

UCL - Institute of the Americas (UCL-IA) and UCL History Department welcome Gary Gerstle (Vanderbilt and Oxford Universities) to deliver the 2013 Commonwealth Fund Colloquium Lecture on 'The Liberal State in an Age of Consensus, 1945-1960'.

This paper considers the extent to which the US state operated within the framework of a 'liberal consensus' in the postwar years of 1945-1960. The consensus idea, most famously advanced by Godfrey Hodgson, suggests there was fundamental bipartisan agreement in this era over the preservation of the New Deal state, Keynesian management of the economy and containment of communism abroad. Gary Gerstle examines the role of the 'liberal state' in these years to assess the extent and limitations of consensus over its activism.

Attendance is free of charge but registration is required.