MSc International Relations of the Americas
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As a student at the UCL Institute of the Americas, you will be able to take advantage of tuition by world-leading scholars in an academic environment designed to be at the cutting edge of research in the humanities and social sciences.

We encourage comparative and interdisciplinary debate on the Americas and we have the facilities that will enable you to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the most recent scholarship on the region. 

Our Programme Directors will be happy to answer specific queries:

Caribbean and Latin American Studies MA Dr Kate Quinn
Globalisation and Latin American Development MSc Dr Graham Woodgate
International Relations of the Americas MSc Professor Iwan Morgan
Latin American Politics MSc Professor Kevin Middlebrook
Latin American Studies MA Professor Kevin Middlebrook
United States Studies: History and Politics MA Professor Iwan Morgan

New courses for 2013/14

AMERG033 African Americans and the Struggle for Civil Rights
AMERGTBC Canada and the Americas
AMERG037 Environmental Issues, Movements and Policies in the Americas
AMER3001 UNDERGRADUATE: Environmental Issues, Movements and Policies in the Americas
AMERGTBC International Politics of Latin America
AMERG036 Latin American Economics: Beyond Neoliberalism
AMERG034 The Making of Modern Latin America: History, Politics, and Society
AMERG035 The Transformation of Cuba: 1990 to the present

The Postgraduate Programmes Officer Laura Tunstall can be contacted for questions relating to admission.


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