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Talk: 'Propaganda in the Americas: A Historical Evaluation'

Publication date: Apr 29, 2013 2:56:39 PM

Start: Jun 10, 2013 6:30:00 PM
End: Jun 10, 2013 8:00:00 PM

Location: British Library, Conference Centre, 96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB

UCL-Institute of the Americas (UCL-IA) gladly co-sponsors this talk, to take place at the Conference Center, British Library.

Join three distinguished historians giving a historical evaluation of the role played by propaganda in the modern history of the Americas:

Steven Casey, Reader in International History, LSE, speaks on The Human Cost of War: US Propaganda and American Combat Casualties in the Twentieth Century. This explores how propaganda, both in word and image, has been an essential means to legitimize sacrifice occasioned by America's five foreign wars of the 20th century (World War I and II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf). 

Antoni Kapcia, Professor of Latin American History, Nottingham University, speaks on Propaganda or Consciousness-Raising: Public Discourse in Revolutionary Cuba. This explores the fundamental question of what is propaganda and how is it different from government educate the citizenry about important issues of the day through examination of Cuba in the wake of Fidel Castro's coming to power.

Benjamin Smith, Associate Professor of Latin American History, Warwick University, speaks on Propaganda and the Mexican Drug War. He looks at the way Mexican drug cartels have employed rough-and-ready propaganda techniques including songs, graffiti and narcomantas to influence national and local politics.

As their talks demonstrate, no matter what kind of regime or institution is involved, propaganda has been a fundamental instrument of public policy and dialogue in the Americas over the course of the 20th century. 

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