The Canadian Studies programme at UCL-IA seeks to convey the significance of Canada in today’s world by providing a forum for academics, professionals and the general public to discuss Canada, its history, politics and society, its literature and culture, its francophone dimension and its indigenous peoples. Above all, the programme is focused on Canada’s international position and, especially, on its place within the Americas.

To this end the Institute organises regular seminars on Tuesday evenings from October to June, guest lectures, conferences, prizes for postgraduate and undergraduate students writing on Canadian themes and a home for visiting academics involved in Canada-related research. The curriculum of the Institute’s wider programme is also informed by the Canadian experience and there are opportunities for the study of Canada both within the taught MA programme and as part of a research degree.

The Canadian Studies programme is led by Dr Tony McCulloch, Senior Fellow in Canadian Studies, who was himself a postgraduate student at UCL. He has organised conferences and seminars in London for several years, most recently a very successful conference on ‘Canada, China and the Asia-Pacific’ at Senate House in June.

The Institute wishes to acknowledge the generous funding and support given to its Canadian Studies programme by the Foundation for Canadian Studies.