Studying at the Institute of the Americas

Located in central London, in the heart of Bloomsbury, the UCL Institute of the Americas has the largest programme of postgraduate teaching, research and events on the Americas in the UK, covering Latin America, the United States, the Caribbean and Canada.

United States Studies: History and Politics MA

This multidisciplinary MA provides a broad range of specialist modules in the humanities and social sciences.

Students will develop analytic and critical perspectives in multidisciplinary aspects of US history, politics, cultural studies and international relations, depending on their chosen areas of specialisation. They will gain key research skills, enhance their capacity for oral and written presentation, and develop their knowledge of up-to-date scholarship and theoretical/conceptual debates in United States studies. > More...

Globalisation & Latin American Development MSc

This MSc examines the theoretical issues raised by globalisation and the variant ways in which different Latin American societies have reacted to it. The programme studies the degree to which contemporary indices of globalisation are continuous with earlier forms of Latin America's global incorporation, and focuses on the ways in which the region's development is bound up with global processes. > More...

Caribbean and Latin American Studies MA

This MA offers students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the diverse societies of the Latin American continent and the Caribbean from a multidisciplinary and comparative perspective, encompassing not only the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking territories but also the Anglophone, Francophone and Dutch territories of the mainland and islands. > More..

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