The Official Archive of The Middlesex Hospital and Medical School

Middlesex Crest

Former members of staff of the hospital and graduates of the medical school, are invited to provide reminiscences of the Middlesex with amusing anecdotes, photographs and any other relevant material for the archive.

Reminiscences could include:

1. Pre–clinical
Professors and Staff, Practicals, Dissection, Exams etc.

2. Accommodation
Life in Halls of Residence, Flats, Digs, Doctors Residence etc.

3. Social life
Discos, Parties, Treasure Hunt, Students Bar, Christmas Concert, Gilbert and Sullivan, Fitzrovia festival etc.

4. Sport
Football, Rugby, Hockey, Squash, Sports Day etc.

5. Clinical
Ward Rounds, Post Mortem Room, Weekly Grand Rounds, and Final Exams

6. Life after qualification

As a Houseman, SHO, Registrar, Senior Registrar, Consultant, Professor, Head of Department

If you would like to contribute please contact Annie Lindsay (Trust Archivist and Records Manager) at annie.lindsay[at]


Official letter from Annie Lindsay and Dr Nick Cambridge
MHMS (1971-77) and The Middlesex Hospital (1978-82)

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