WDC visits UCLH’s Learning Hospital

On 24 November 2011 members of the UCL Women’s Dining Club met in the UCH Education Centre before being taken on a guided tour of the Sir Ronald Mason Learning Hospital, opened in 2010. This hospital combines state of the art simulation technology and teaching.

Our guide showed us round the hospital’s Clinical Simulation Theatre used by both trainee and experienced surgeons. Through a one-way viewing mirror colleagues and trainees can observe others perform a variety of medical procedures under various situations using leading edge mannequins (sim-men) operated by out-of- sight trained technicians.

We also visited the large Minimal Access and Surgery Simulator Unit - keyhole surgery is a rapidly advancing form of surgery in many specialities offering reduced tissue trauma and fewer complications. The teaching tools include a ’hands on’ virtual reality experience. In this section is a Da Vinci System simulator which was originally developed by NASA and then by the army for controlling or advising on surgical procedures at a distance. UCH owns one of these million and a half pound machines. The machine in the Learning Hospital has been sponsored to train surgeons to be able to provide minimally invasive surgery with amazing control and no tremor. More and more specialities are using this technique.

Using role play in ward and clinic situations, the Learning Hospital also offers Behavioural Training which is especially designed to help people cope with moments of high stress.

After the visit members and their guests enjoyed a delicious buffet meal in the Terrace Restaurant in UCL.

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