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  • UCL has 2280 alumni living in Germany - based predominantly in Berlin and the surounding area, but there are also reasonable numbers in Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt
  • The most popular UCL degree subject studied by UCL alumni is Laws, followed by Architecture and German
  • There are currently 433 German students enrolled at UCL.

Connect with UCL alumni in Germany on the group's facebook page.

Selected Past Events

Alumni and Prospective Student Pre-Departure Events - August and September 2013

Pre-departure receptions are an informal and relaxed opportunity to meet fellow alumni, enjoy drinks in a local bar or restaurant and provide prospective students with an insight into life at UCL before they leave for London.

Successful pre-departure receptions were held in Dusseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Cologne during August and September 2013

Alumni Gathering Cologne - 6 June 2013

A small group of alumni gathered at Club Astoria, Cologne on Thursday 6 June 2013. A great time was had by all and more events are planned for the future.

Cologne alumni gathering June 2013

Heidelberg - 28 July 2009

UCL alumni met for drinks with UCL's Pro-Provost for Europe, Prof. Mike Wilson in Heidelberg on Tuesday 28th July at Gasthaus Hackteufel, Heidelberg.

Heidelberg (July 09)

Alumni Reception, British Embassy Berlin - 30 November 2006

A reception was held for alumni living in Germany at the British Embassy in Berlin on Thursday 30th November 2006. The reception was attended by Professor Wendy Davies (Pro Provost for Europe), James Davis (Head of Alumni Relations) and Matt Gorman (Alumni Relations Manager - Europe) and was an excellent opportunity for alumni to meet one another and to find out about developments at UCL. 70 alumni attended from all over Germany. James Davis outlined the value UCL placed on alumni as ambassadors and how there were many oppotunities to act as an alumni volunteer for UCL. Alumni then listened to an update on developments at UCL from Professor Davies who was followed by alumna Sandra Pyne (Linguistics 1991) who outlined her plans for future alumni activities in Berlin.

If you are interested in attending future alumni events in Berlin then please contact Sandra.

British Embassy, Berlin (Nov 06) 1
British Embassy, Berlin (Nov 06) 2
British Embassy, Berlin (Nov 06) 3
British Embassy, Berlin (Nov 06) 4

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