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Cupcake Party 26 May2012

Report by Kailash Rai

Any new arrival in Singapore will be keen to explore the city and get to know new people… so how better to start to than by getting to know some fellow UCL Alumni?

This month’s meeting held at Swirls Bake Shop – a boutique cupcake shop opened by UCL alumni Danish Dada (Information Management, 2004) and his wonderful wife Alia. Tucked away in a great location down at Robertson Quay, it was my first time visiting an area which is quickly becoming a favourite place to hang out.

The afternoon started with a champagne-infused strawberry treat – a nice ice-breaker as the group convened and got to know each other. There was a great range of ages and experience present, with Dr David Haines (Mechanical Engineering, 1964) showing us youngsters how to do it and the most recent graduate, Kiran Easwaran (Biomedical Engineering), having finished UCL only last year.

After a brief introductory speech by Danish, we discovered that the owners’ passion for gourmet cupcakes stemmed from a trip around Europe and the East and West coasts of America. The charming young newlyweds skillfully avoided quips about starting a new family and it is clear that they are very much focused on their existing baby – Swirls. It is also clear that the demand for cupcakes in Singapore is on the rise with a steady flow of customers popping in throughout the day.

Moving outside to the coffee tables we then took to icing. All-in-all there were some creative designs with the most delicate design going to David Haines (who later revealed he grew up in a bakery!). Also on the menu was a game of ‘cupcake tic-tac-toe’ between aforementioned bakers’ son David and experienced baker Yehui Wu (Chemical Engineering – skills honed predominantly during the UCL exam period). Once the game was complete, the cupcake was promptly covered with sprinkles and devoured. Mmm…..

General chatting continued and it was good for us all to catch up. A great introduction to life in Singapore and hopefully the basis of more events to come. Thank you so much to Swirls Cupcakes for treating us to a lovely day. Delicious, warm and perfectly balanced cupcakes – I intend to come back for more!

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