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UCL Alumni (Singapore) was established in 1993 by T.S. Sinnathuray (UCL Laws 1953) and several very enthusiastic UCL alumni. The group continues to grow from strength to strength. If you are interested in joining the mailing list, please ensure that the UCL alumni office holds your updated contact details including your address in Singapore.

You can view the latest information on UCLAS activities by visiting the UCLAS facebook page.

Past Events

Jeremy Bentham's Birthday Drinks - Friday, 7 February 2014

UCL alumni in Singapore gathered to celebrate the 266th birthday of Jeremy Bentham with drinks and snacks mixer at Ninethirty @ Esplanade.

  • Jeremy Bentham's birthday
  • Jeremy Bentham's birthday
  • Jeremy Bentham's birthday
  • Jeremy Bentham's birthday
  • Jeremy Bentham's birthday

After Work Drinks, 5 September 2013

Join fellow UCL alumni for after work drinks at Mr. Punch. You will have the opportunity to meet a range of UCL Alumni from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and careers. This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your networks, catch-up with old friends and enjoy the city's wonderful views.

DATE: Thursday 5 September 2013

TIME: From 8pm (happy hour 5-8pm)

VENUE: Mr Punch Rooftop Bar, MINT - Museum of Toys, (26 Seah Street, Singapore 188382)

UCL Singapore Society Orientation Finale Dinner - 23 August 2012

AGM and mid-year Gathering, 19 July 2012

A new committee was voted in:

President: Weelit Lim
VP: Chermain Wong
Secretary: Kiran Easwaran
Treasurer: Mohammed Abbas

Committee members: Liu DongLiang, Kailash Rai, Ambika, Kamal, Francis Lee, Alex Warren, Jack Lee.

Advisors: David Haines, Stanley Jeremiah.

Cupcake Party - 26 May 2012

The group met at the newly established Swirls cupcake shop in Robertson Quay (founded by a UCL alumnus and his wife) to learn first hand about starting up a new F&B business in Singapore, whilst also getting to try their hands at frosting cupcakes and catching up with old friends. What a great way to spend a lazy afternoon! Read the report by Kailash Rai (UCL Human Sciences 2008).

Peranakan Walk and Brunch, 11th December 2011

Singapore December 2011

Report by Yehui Wu (UCL Mechanical Engineering 2007)

The UCL Alumni gathered once again on Dec 11, 2011. This time, we were hosted by Tony Tan (Economics, 1997) at his backpacker hostel cum restaurant for a Peranakan brunch and walking tour. We started the morning with a tour of the Betel Box Backpacker Hostel, peppered with anecdotes of the joys and frustrations of running a backpacker hostel. The hostel itself was an art installation honouring the history of the neighbourhood, and reminded most of us of the time where we were university students backpacking around Europe. A sumptuous brunch followed where we had very interesting conversations (such as learning what life is like living on a cargo ship for several months) and discovered more about the Peranakan culture through Tony.  (The Peranakan people are the descendents of early Chinese settlers in Southeast Asia, many of whom married local women.) To digest the delicious meal, Tony, a licensed tour guide, took us around the Joo Chiat neighbourhood – a conservation area rich in Singapore history. It was a wonderful opportunity for Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike to discover this hidden gem and remember that Singapore is not all about modern skyscrapers.

We thank Tony for his hospitality and for sharing his passion for Singapore history with us. 

Past / Present / Future - 20 August 2011

Report from Alex Warren (UCL Mathematics 1985)

"Sat Aug 20th saw the 2nd Past/Present/Future event held at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club - a splendid location overlooking the marina. In conjunction with the Singapore Society we invited present & future students to join us and were particularly pleased to welcome several members of the 2011 intake into the UCL family. Thankfully the rainstorms elsewhere in Singapore chose to give us a miss so we were able to enjoy an excellent open air BBQ buffet on the Foreshore. It was a opportunity to catch up for the regular members, very pleasing to see to see plenty of new faces amongst the alumni and also highly entertaining to hear about life at UCL from the current students. All in all a great success.

Looking forward, we hope that this will become an regular event which will help to foster closer relationships between the Singapore Society & Singapore Alumni."

Drinks At Singapore Cricket Club with UCL Staff - 3 March 2011

A group of alumni met at the Singapore Cricket Club (Stumps Terrace Bar) to welcome Penny Zorbas (UCL's International Liaison & Recruitment Office) and Rodney Austin (UCL Laws) who were visiting Singapore to attend the World Class Study in London Exhibition.

Sun, Sea and Singapore Islands - 27 February 2011

Singapore Boat Trip 2011

A group of lucky UCL alumni took to the seas in February courtesy of UCL alumnus, Dr David Haines (UCL Mechanical Engineering 1964, 1967). The report came back from Weelit Lim (UCL Biochemical Engineering 1997):

"We saw several parts of Singapore which are off-limits to most Singaporeans unless you are out to fish or pray at one of the islands.  The ferries to most of the islands have stopped a few years ago.

A big thanks to everyone's cooperation in bringing yummy foods and drinks, and most importantly, thank you once again to Dr David for extending a generous invitation to UCL Alumni Singapore, his hospitality and sharing with us Santa Maria!"

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