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Alumni Led Reunion Reports

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2006 Computer Science - 21 June 2014

On 21 June the Department of Computer Science welcomed back the class of '06 for a reunion at UCL. Read more

1963 Mathematics Entrants - 11 October 2013

The Maths class of 1963 held a 50th anniversary reunion on 11 October. Read More

2007 LLM - 15 September 2013

"Our event was pretty successful - there were representatives from 14 countries, 3 colleges and we had 12 hours of talking!". Read More

2003 MPharm - 17 August 2013

"21 people attended from our year, there was a good mixture of groups of friends, many of whom are still in the field...". Read More

1974 Biochemistry - 22 June 2013

"It was nice to know our group was famous; we caused the labs to be closed down for two weeks after releasing a dangerous carcinogen (by accident of course)...". Read More

1963 Biochemistry - 13 June 2013

"So much of the college was familiar and we really admired the new buildings and imaginative use of space...". Read More

1992 Surveying - 24 May 2013

"Thanks for a great get-together, it was good to catch up...". Read More

1998 Electronic Engineering - 10 May 2013

"It was fantastic for us all to be welcomed back to the department so warmly after 25 years...". Read More

Reunion of UCHMS graduates of 1954 – 1957

At the end of August 2012 there was a gathering of alumni who had graduated in medicine at UCH between 1954 and 1957. Read More

Political Economy Golden Jubilee Reunion – 23 June 2012

On 23 June 2012, 28 alumni and their guests got together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their arrival at UCL’s Department of Political Economy, as it was known then. Read More

1991 Speech Sciences - 15 October 2011

"20 years after graduating from the speech sciences course at UCL, a group of 20 ex-students met up for an afternoon of comparison and catching up in the elegant Terrace Restaurant".  Read More

UCL Medical School 1971-1977 Reunion - 15 October 2011

On Saturday 15th October 2011 eighty alumni and their guests, some travelling from as far away as New Zealand, gathered together to celebrate forty years since beginning their medical degrees. Read More

2001 Archaeology - 15 October 2011

"On Saturday 15th October 2011, the alumni of class of 2001 held their 10-year reunion at Potion bar -28 Maple Street, W1". Read More

1977 Laws - 5 September 2011

"It was with some trepidation that I started contacting as many 1977/8 law graduates as I could find. I had planned a reunion for 5 September and it was the first time we had met in almost 34 years. Would anyone be interested? Would anyone turn-up on the day?". Read More

1961 Mathematics - 28 June 2011

"Fifty years rolled away in a few minutes. Though many of us had kept in touch, close touch in some cases (a number have been regulars at the annual De Morgan Society dinners), this was the first occasion at which this larger group had got together in 50 years". Read More

Dance Society 25th Anniversary - 12 February 2011

UCL Dance Society celebrated 25 years of strutting its stuff with a party at the Jeremy Bentham Room on Saturday February 12. Read More

Film Society Reunion - 9 December 2010

Just over 35 UCL alumni attended the reunion of the Film Society, held on the same evening as the annual Jeremy Bentham Awards to honour those students for their outstanding work as part of the Society. Read More

1963 History - 14 October 2010

"On Thursday October 14th members of the 1960 History intake gathered from as far away as Alicante and Paris for an excellent lunch at the College. In many cases this was our first meeting in years". Read More

1980 Medics - 9 October 2010

"30 years on! Forty two alumni from the UCH and UCL year that qualified in 1980 met for a 30 year Reunion on 9 October 2010.  No ice breaking was needed as the reminiscing and renewed bonding started immediately". Read More

1960 Geography - 26 June 2010

"Three years on from the 2007 50th anniversary gathering of the 1957 to 1960 UCL Geographers, attended then by 30 out of the 36 students (together with contacts from all those who were unable to attend), 16 stalwarts gathered together at UCL to celebrate 50 years on from their graduation". Read More

1958 Royal Free Hospital alumni - 24 June 2010

"20 Royal Free Alumni plus two spouses met on 24th June in our 'adopted' Alma Mater. In the morning we were treated to a tour of the new EGA Wing which opened in November 2008". Read More

1963 Laws alumni - 27 May 2010

"30 alumni and spouses and 6 guests from UCL including Dame Hazel Genn from UCL Laws met for a highly successful 50th Anniversary Reunion to mark the start of their time at UCL".  Read More

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