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1991 Speech Sciences - 15 October 2011

 Charlotte Painter and Eileen Grist, Speech Sciences 1991 and reunion organisers write:

"20 years after graduating from the speech sciences course at UCL, a group of 20 ex-students met up for an afternoon of comparison and catching up in the elegant Terrace Restaurant.  We were very well-served by the UCL catering staff and our excellent "student ambassador" Maddi.  "You haven't changed at all" and "are you still a Speech and Language Therapist?" must have been the two most common utterances of the afternoon.  Following arrivals, recognition and coffee, we had a tour of the main campus to check out Jeremy Bentham and find out what had changed (electronic ID's, Blue Jeans on the statues, plus some modernisation of student accommodation buildings nearby.....) and what had stayed the same (phonetics department on Gordon Square, students union, freshers' alcohol intake).....Photos on the main steps preceded a very generous lunch. A relaxed afternoon was followed by an informal evening and potential plans for a 25 year event...."

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