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1977 Laws - 5 September 2011

Alan Brener 1977 Laws and reunion organiser writes:

"It was with some trepidation that I started contacting as many 1977/8 law graduates as I could find. I had planned a reunion for 5 September and it was the first time we had met in almost 34 years. Would anyone be interested? Would anyone turn-up on the day? In the event we had a good response rate and a good turnout. We were all especially grateful to Professor Dame Hazel Genn, Dean of the Faculty, for hosting the reunion and for the support of her team and the work of Lisa Penfold for making it happen. We were actively encouraged by Lord Digby Jones who, in the midst of promoting one of his books, was able to spare time to come and join us.

There were many others who wanted to attend but were unfortunately dotted around the world that evening including Iceland, New York City and Moscow.

Dame Hazel took us on a tour of the Faculty and the new annex which has almost doubled the size of the building. We were astonished at the new Denys Holland lecture hall with its state of the art multi coloured lighting and the transformation of the basement lecture theatre. I recall previously dreading descending to the depths of the building for Monday morning lectures. We used to lead a troglodyte existence in the gloom. Now all is transformed with the wonders of modern lighting and seating. We used to have grants but no lights … matters are now changed.

Our years at UCL provided us with a great education and gave us a cultural hinterland. We have all gone in different directions – the Army, the  Church, the Bench, Chief Executive of the UK Border Agency, expert in Chinese ceramics , Secretary to the Isle of Man Parliament, running a camping holiday company etc but all greatly valued being reconnected with UCL.

We were a privileged generation and it is becoming for us to help UCL help those students today who are less fortunate.

To encourage us further Lord Digby Jones has kindly offered to host the next reunion at the House of Lords next year .. see you then!"

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