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1963 Mathematics Entrants - 11 October 2013

1963 Mathematics Entrants - 11 October 2013 - Photo1

The Maths class of 1963 held a 50th anniversary reunion on 11th October.  The group which included a few friends from other departments were shown around by Zoe Wright and Bonita Carboo, thanks  to the help of Briony McArdle, Manager of  Alumni Relations.

The group met in the Print Cafe at 2pm and had a light lunch in a bustling ( and to our old ears noisy) atmosphere. Zoe then guided us to the maths department which we were glad to discover was still in the same building. There we were met by Bonita who was most helpful in showing us the reading and lecture rooms. Much had changed since our day, not least because the intake is almost 5 times what it was in the 60’s. We were also given a good insight into the highly successful (and profitable) maths department of today by former Head of Department.

We also had a look downstairs where the main Union bar used to be, and where social events used to be held. This now looked very different, so we reverted to type and trooped off to the pub. After a pleasant hour or two in the Bricklayers Arms, we had an excellent meal in Elena’s Etoile in Charlotte Street. All agreed we should repeat the reunion before too many of us dropped off the perch.

The photo from the left shows:
Les Ferry, Roger Pymar, Roy Drage, Nigel Cowan, Ian Clarkson, Zena Howell (nee Gordon), Graham Pointer, Jenny Scholey, Bob Scholey, Graham Lyons.

Sadly I did not have contact details for most of those who were in our year, so anyone interested in joining the next reunion should contact Briony McArdle who will put you into contact with us.

By reunion organiser Roy Drage.

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