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1963 Laws alumni - 27 May 2010

Jennifer Janes, 1963 Laws and the reunion organiser writes: "30 alumni and spouses and 6 guests from UCL including Dame Hazel Genn from UCL Laws met for a highly successful 50th Anniversary Reunion to mark the start of their time at UCL. 

During a tea party, guests enjoyed an exhibition of faculty group photos from 1963  and a range of  fascinating memorabilia, including photos, text books, copies of “pi” and even a rugger jersey!  After the delicious tea, most of the group participated in the guided tour of UCL old and new, including a visit to Jeremy Bentham himself, in his traditional spot in the cloisters.

At 6pm, drinks were served in UCL’s Terrace Restaurant, and then a new group photo was taken in the cloisters. Just before dinner, I welcomed everyone, as did the Dean, who distributed very useful map books, as a gift from the Faculty. I distributed the booklets on “What I’ve done since leaving UCL” – and will mail copies to all those who were not there. I also distributed a “Twenty Questions “ Quiz, on our courses and lecturers, devised by David Saville, which caused great amusement - the prize for best answers was shared by Bertie and Chris.

The general consensus was that we must continue to meet, and all 1963 Laws alumni are invited to pencil into your diaries Thursday 26 May next year! I suggest that future meetings go back to the past format, where whoever is able to be there meets up at a pre-determined venue in central London for an informal meal and lots of wine!"

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