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1963 History - 14 October 2010

1963 History11963 History

Robert Burns, 1963 History and reunion organiser writes:

"On Thursday October 14th members of the 1960 History intake gathered from as far away as Alicante and Paris for an excellent lunch at the College. In many cases this was our first meeting in years. Though not all of us were instantly recognizable to one another, there was a virtually instant recreation of rapport, any sense of estrangement was rapidly overcome in lively exchanges of information about what had happened to each of us over most of our adult lives. This thoroughly enjoyable event produced a resolve that a further reunion should take place within a relatively short period of time. Indeed, the determination to research des temps perdu led three of the group to head on the next day for Windsor Great Park in a sentimental return to Cumberland Lodge, where, at a weekend for incoming History students before the start of the academic year, we had all first met 50 years ago. Before lunch we were delighted to meet the current Head of the History Department, Professor Nicola Miller who provided a fascinating account, in a question and answer session of many of the changes which have occurred in the arrangements for the History degree, and the lives of students and staff in the last half-century but it was good to learn that History students still spend an initiatory weekend at Cumberland Lodge.

At the end of the afternoon, over tea, James Davis and Sian Hoggett of the Alumni Office updated us on the present life of UCL, now so much larger in terms of the number of staff and students. It was gratifying to learn that despite the many changes, it is as much at the leading edge of university education as it ever was, and clearly in superb condition for facing up to the challenges of the future."

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