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1960 Geography - 26 June 2010

Daniel Keough, 1960 Geography and reunion guest writes:

"Three years on from the 2007 50th anniversary gathering of the 1957 to 1960 UCL Geographers, attended then by 30 out of the 36 students (together with contacts from all those who were unable to attend), 16 stalwarts gathered together at UCL to celebrate 50 years on from their graduation. Holidays and various ailments (anno domini even catches up with Geographers) prevented a bigger turn out. Nevertheless several boosted the numbers by bringing their husbands/first or second wives (but not both) as appropriate.

The gathering was pleased and impressed to have with them two previous Geography professors, Peter Woods and Bill Mead. It was recalled that the ever youthful 95 year old Bill Mead had been unable to attend the previous gathering having been thrown off a horse when it stumbled and broken his ankle. This at an age when most could not even mount a horse let alone fall off.

Inevitably the ex-students did muse on how things had changed. "They don't have to have Latin O-level to get into college nowadays?". " Is it right that something like 15% of students in our days got Upper Seconds and it's something like twice that now? Are they all that much cleverer today? "

Reflecting on the interest in the gathering it was noted that Mike Roberts made the journey from Vancouver, Julia Bird from Melbourne and Tony Edwards from one of the Gulf states. The majority were by no means inactive, some still working full time and most being involved part time. Governments of all hues chuntering on about later retirement would do well to look at the active UCL Geographers of the late 1950's. Will we meet again? Not impossible!" 

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