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23 May 2013: Class of 2013: Leaving UCL - now what?

UCL Careers Service will hold Class of 2013 Week between Tuesday 28 May and Friday 31 May. Dedicated to UCL's 2013 graduates, it will equip them with useful knowledge and practical guidance to help them on their way after graduation. More...

21 May 2013: UCL Festival of Volunteering

Riding on the success of last year’s Festival, UCL and UCLU are running the two-week Festival of Volunteering this summer. Running 22nd May – 4th June, the Festival will include a variety of volunteering-related activities for the UCL community to get involved in. More...

15 May 2013: Almost a quarter of jurors confused about rules on internet use during a trial

Almost a quarter of jurors (23%) are unclear about the rules surrounding internet use during a trial, according to preliminary research led by Professor Cheryl Thomas (UCL Laws). More...

14 May 2013: Take part in the UCL Student Barometer

All UCL students are invited to give their views to a student survey and, in doing so, have the chance to win an iPad and £1,000 in cash. More...

10 May 2013: Study finds brain system for emotional self-control

Different brain areas are activated when we choose for ourselves to suppress an emotion, compared to situations where we are instructed to inhibit an emotion, according a new study from the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Ghent University. More...

9 May 2013: UCL Bloomsbury Masterplan: new student hub

The JBS Haldane Student Hub opened in Anatomy at the start of the summer term in April 2013. This large space overlooks the South Quad and is based in the Anatomy Building extension. More...

7 May 2013: Dig This! UCL masters students at the Geffrye Museum

Masters students from the UCL Institute of Archaeology are collaborating with the Geffrye Museum on an exciting project about gardening and happiness in the urban home. More...

2 May 2013: Children with behavioural problems under-react to painful images

When children with conduct problems see images of others in pain, key parts of their brains under-react, according to new research published today in Current Biology. More...

1 May 2013: UCL University Challenge team fall at the final hurdle

UCL’s University Challenge team were narrowly beaten by the University of Manchester in the final of the popular BBC2 quiz show this week. More...

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