Kane Miller

Kane Miller

Kane Miller, EngD Student in the Department of Biochemical Engineering

MSc Biochemical Engineering (UCL)

BSc Hons Mathematical Physics (Nottingham University)

Email: kane.miller.09[at]ucl.ac.uk

Research interests

Design and Evaluation of a Novel Photobioreactor for Generic Application in the Algal Production of Biofuels, Biorenewable Chemicals and Biopharmaceuticals

This project aims to design and characterise a novel photobioreactor with wide-ranging and generic application to the growth of recombinant algae for the production of biofuels, biorenewable chemicals or biopharmaceuticals.   Established UCL bioreactor scale-down methodologies will be coupled with the modelling and simulation of internally radiating light arrays to facilitate construction of an optimal bioreactor design.  This will then be evaluated experimentally using a library of recombinant algae genetically engineered to synthesise a range of materials from low value added/high volume products, such as biofuels, through to high value added/low volume biopharmaceuticals.  The process metrics obtained will finally be used for economic modelling and analysis in order to define the most favourable market applications of the photobioreactor technology both within the UK and overseas.