Outreach activities

Secret Cinema (June 2012)

Members of Algae@UCL helped organise this event, which was themed around the film Prometheus.  It took place in an "abandoned" laboratory on the UCL site.  Members of the public came for an evening that looked at biohacking. The algal event looked at how we could use algae for nutrition and to recycle CO2 on an imaginary space mission.  40-50 participants inoculated their own algal cultures and drank an "algal cocktail" that had agar as an ingredient.  This event was part of "Mission 4" in the Secret Cinema series.  For an overview of what happened click here.

Alga(e)zebo (July–September 2012)

The Alga(e)zebo was one of five architectural installations designed by members of the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture as part of the London 2012 Olympic celebrations.  Located at Euston Square Gardens, this installation consisted of a large decorative canopy-structure, a Gazebo, with the vertical columns incorporating transparent tubes filled with different algae growing in nutrient agar.  The algae and advice on their cultivation were supplied by the Purton group.