Alcohol Consumption across the Life-course: Determinants and Health Consequences

Project funded by the European Research Council (2013-2017), UK Medical Research Council (2015-2017) and Alcohol Research UK (2015-2017).


Research on the health consequences of alcohol needs to address the effects of changes in drinking behaviour over the life-course. The current evidence base lacks the consideration of the complexity of lifetime consumption patterns, the major predictors of change in drinking and the subsequent health risks. Determining the effects of cumulated exposure to alcohol over decades is best achieved by analysing data from large, longitudinal observational cohort studies. This allows for the assessment of the consequences of changing drinking pattern over time and for comparisons of the relative importance of contemporaneous drinking with prior cumulative effects of drinking in earlier life. Such information can be used to inform public health initiatives.

We have data from several large, prominent longitudinal cohort studies with repeated measures of alcohol consumption, which will be analysed (separately and combined when appropriate) to address four major aims

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