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More about the Imprint

The Imprint works on the basis of a print-on-demand technology involving the submission of electronic files prepared in accordance with the specifications of the printer and stored in an electronic database. The system has the following advantages:

  1. it allows the author full control over the text, including its formal configuration, right up until its final submission
  2. it facilitates both updating, general revision and re-printing of texts
  3. it allows the Faculty as publisher to determine the precise rate and rhythm of publication, together with (in consultation with the author) viable print-runs and advertising strategies, and
  4. it has a swift turn-round time between the final submission of material and its publication. In addition to this, financial exposure is at every point minimal

Proposals for publication

Proposals for publication should be submitted to the Senior Editor, who takes the author through the publishing procedure generally and provides a set of guidelines both for the submission of proposals and for the eventual preparation of hard copy and of electronic (PDF) files for passing on to the printer. Authors are then invited to submit a formal proposal addressing among other things the following points:

  1. title of the proposed publication, with an indication of its content and structure
  2. the volume's contribution to its field of study
  3. its ideal readership
  4. its state of preparation and ideal date of completion
  5. its approximate length

With the approval of the project by the Board and its specialist advisors, the author will be provided

  1. with a Memorandum of Agreement confirming its acceptance for publication subject to peer review upon delivery of the text in its final form;
  2. with a style sheet designed to maintain the presentational uniformity of the Imprint; and
  3. with instructions relating to the production of files appropriate for the purposes of electronic publishing.

Upon submission of the text in the form both of hard copy and of electronic files and its final approval by the Board and its reviewers, all material passes to the printer, who, before delivering on a print-run agreed with the author, will provide an inspection copy.

What to do now               

Authors wishing to consider publication under this scheme are invited to be in touch with the Senior Editor to arrange for a preliminary meeting to discuss the general nature of their proposal and how it might be taken forward.