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Faculty Imprint

Editorial Board

Professor Jane Fenoulhet

Professor Jonathan Wolff

Professor John Took (Senior Editor)

  • The purpose of the Imprint is to provide members of the Faculty, and others by invitation, with the means of publishing quickly and efficiently scholarly texts within all areas of its teaching and research activity.
  • All texts, which may include not only monographs but editions, essay collections and conference proceedings, are peer reviewed at the point both of proposal and final submission, and are produced to the highest production standards in a variety of formats including soft and hard cover.
  • Copyright remains with the author.

Further information is available on the following pages:

More about the Imprint

The Imprint works on the basis of a print-on-demand technology involving the submission of electronic files prepared in accordance with the specifications of the printer and stored in an electronic database. 

Further information is available on the imprint pages.

The full guidelines include information on:

  • General Publishing Policy
  • Proposals
  • Preliminary refereeing and peer review
  • Length
  • House style and format
  • Illustrations
  • Final submission
  • Aspects of production
  • Cover and publicity design
  • Copy-editing
  • Exclusivity
  • Copyright
  • Royalties
  • Liability

A full list of frequently asked questions is available via the link below. These include areas of royalties, the form of final submission, design related questions and many more.