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Inaugural Lecture - Professor Maxine Molyneux (Institute of Americas)

24 October 2012

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14 May 2013

UCL Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, Wilkins Building UCL - 6.30pm

Professor Maxine Molyneux (Institute of Americas)

Maxine Molyneux is a political sociologist specialising in Latin America. She has written widely on development theory and policy, citizenship and rights, social policy, social movements and gender inequality. Her current research is on Latin American social policy with a particular focus on the recent efforts to reduce poverty in the region. She joined UCL in June 2012 as Professor of Sociology and Director of the UCL Institute of the Americas.

Title: Recent Migrations to, and within the Americas

Commencing around 1960, two new waves of migration began in the Americas. One from the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to the USA, Canada and Spain; the other, a more moderate but still significanttrend of inter-regional migration within Latin America. What light do thesemovements of people cast on the debates about migration? How far did they transform the societies that exported and imported these new migrant waves?

Eventbrite - Inaugural Lecture - Professor Maxine Molyneux (Institute of the Americas)