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Dutch Crossing: Journal of Low Countries Studies 37.1 (March 2013)

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Dutch Crossing : Journal of Low Countries Studies

Let me begin this editorial column by announcing further changes in the editorial board of Dutch Crossing: Journal of Low Countries Studies. Anne-Marie Musschoot (Ghent), one of our longest-standing editorial board members, decided to stand down and we would like to extend our profound gratitude for her longstanding support of the journal. Simultaneously we welcome Yves T’Sjoen, senior lecturer in modern Dutch literature and Afrikaans, also at Ghent, and Phil van Schalkwyk, associate professor at Northwestern University (Potchefstroom), on the editorial board. Their specialisms in textual scholarship, modern poetry and prose of the Low Countries, and Afrikaans literature in South Africa will complement and strengthen the existing expertise on the editorial board and reflect our intention to widen the scope of Dutch Crossing to include the distinct but closely related Afrikaans language and literature, one of the rich and plentiful colours of the ‘rainbow nation’ South Africa.

Beacon for Public Engagement Award for Dutch Walks in London

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The Dutch Church, Austin Friars, City of London, Image: John Salmon (CC-BY-SA)

Ulrich Tiedau has been awarded a 2013 UCL Beacon for Public Engagement Award for a project that will develop and publish, in close dialogue with the historically interested public, a set of Dutch (and Flemish) walks through London, directed at an audience interested in Anglo-Dutch exchanges over the centuries.
Each walk, or cycle-route, will be derived from and informed by research by members of the UCL Dutch department or the larger Low Countries Studies community in London and themed by either time period or subject. The walks will be created with a view to raising awareness of the manifold connections and exchanges between London and the Low Countries, and to engage with the wider public who will not only be able to follow the walks but also to contribute user-generated content.

The Trappings of Trade: Osterley House reveals its gems from the East

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Osterley House

Stunning Japanese-lacquered chests, Gujarati fabrics and fine Chinese porcelain are some of the distinctive objects displayed in a new exhibition co-curated by UCL researchers, National Trust staff and volunteers at Osterley Park and House in west London.

Opportunity: Research Associate Digital Humanities

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Asymmetrical Encounters

Closing Date for applications: 1 September 2013.
Start date for successful candidates: 30 September 2013

Bentham’s personal correspondence to be digitised for first time

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Bentham letter

Thousands of letters revealing a far more personal side of the British philosopher Jeremy Bentham and his family are set to be digitised as part of the UCL Transcribe Bentham project, uniting the entire collection of Bentham’s manuscripts for the first time since his death in 1832.

Professor Rachel Bowlby's new book reviewed in Times Higher Education

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A Child of One’s Own: Parental Stories by Rachel Bowlby

Professor Rachel Bowlby (UCL English) has recently written a fascinating new book A Child of One's Own: Parental Stories.  This compelling commentary offers fresh angels and arguments for thinking about parenthood today.

Bryony Randall (Times Higher Education) reviews the book and says 'Bowlby’s eye for detail is hawk-like, and she does not give up until she has wrung every drop of potential from her readings. From the observation that a moment of parental recognition is the subject of the only moment of nostalgic remembering in Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones, to the elegant suggestion that James’ Maisie “has” parents as people usually “have” children, there are new discoveries about these familiar texts at every turn.'

Read the full review on the Times Higher Education website

New deadline for UCL & I.B. Tauris Publishing Competition

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We are pleased to announce that the deadline for this competition has been extended and the new deadline is now 14 September 2013.

Faculty Administrative Scholarships 2013-14

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We are pleased to announce that the Faculty Administrative Scholarships have been awarded for 2013-14.

These scholarships are for staff in the Faculties of Arts & Humanities, and Social & Historical Sciences, and aim to recognise the commitment and skills of administrative colleagues.

UCL launches new BA in Ancient Languages

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UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies and UCL Greek & Latin have announced a new BA in Ancient Languages which will enable students to study an unparalleled range of ancient languages and textual traditions for the first time in the UK.

UCL Anthropology hosts summer school

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Last month the UCL Anthropology opened its doors and store cupboards to 16 students from the UCL Academy for a two-day summer school. 

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